Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Lessons I Learned From Manifester--Story #1

The first lesson, of many, that I want to thank The Manifester for teaching me concerns taking God’s name in vain. I had always thought that this only referred to swearing or cussing, but here is the story of how I learned its deeper meaning, and how I have been able to apply it to my life.

Long ago when I knew him, before he had become ”The Manifester,” we were working on a project together, refurbishing a beautiful old church building made of stone. The basement of the building was full of old bricks, which we were removing by filling a wheelbarrow and pushing it outside over a bridge made from a 2X8 plank. Several of us men were working on the project because there were a lot of bricks. Because they were quite heavy, we were only filling the wheelbarrow half way so that we wouldn’t spill our load before we got across the ramp.

Manifester was in charge of the project, and he came by to see how we were doing. He asked us why we were only taking out half loads. We explained that we couldn’t push a whole load and he kind of laughed at us and said for us to fill the wheelbarrow as full as we could get it and he would take it out. We were eager to accept the challenge and filled it to a level we thought was quite full. He told us to pile it higher. So again we accepted the challenge and gave him quite a load. I told him I was pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to make it without spilling the load and perhaps hurting himself. He replied that, “In the name of Jesus” he would deliver it up and out and all the way to its destination.

I was certain he would fail, but I didn’t want him to, so I tried again to get him to reconsider. He said, “I won’t fail because I put Jesus’ name in it. And Jesus never fails. He delivered the load without any incident and frankly astonished us all. We actually decided to upgrade the size of our own loads after that.

Later when we were alone, I privately ask, “What if you hadn’t been able to do that? What if you had failed?”

I have never forgotten his reply. He said, “I couldn’t have failed because I put the name of Jesus into it, and I won’t take that name in vain!”

Never before had I heard anyone else define "taking His name in vain" to mean failing to perform a deed after invoking the name. I have used this so many times since. First I am much more careful and thoughtful about when to invoke the name. But when I do, I refuse to fail and thereby use it in vain. This has worked on much more than moving bricks. It has worked in healings and deliverances of diver’s kinds. Thank you Manifester for teaching me this great spiritual lesson.

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