Saturday, May 30, 2020

I Write So You'll Remember

I Write So You’ll Remember
That the Wizard of Oz and the Wizard of Ur
Are the same.
And I am "the man with the hammer"
You call Thor!

I Write So You’ll Remember when
Gods walked the earth side by side with men.
I Write So You’ll Remember
Walking with me through the garden
Hand in hand.

The walls of earth are littered
With the ruins of fallen stars
And runes of men.

The Circles of Grain
And the Wheels of Sky are real.
Moses’ cloud has now become
Ezekiel’s wheel.

Two million gods and twenty thousand sects;
And looking into space I see my face
And god and I are one.

And you are there too.
For what I am I know you also are.

I Write So You’ll Remember
That the world was one time saner.
That the Beast must die and
Man become again
His cosmic planner.

I Write So You’ll Remember
What Tod Morgan said to me:
“Go to the heart of danger,
Find safety and be free.”

I Write So You’ll Remember that
There never was a day
You didn’t have all that it took
To help you find the way.

I Write So You’ll Remember
What is written in your head,
So I won’t have to say again
What I’ve already said.

I Write So You’ll Remember
What’s already in your heart.
There’s nothing you can’t know
Because the whole is in the part.

I Write So You’ll Remember all that happens now
Has happened once before.
And I am "the man with the hammer"
You call Thor

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