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About Jerry O. Lee DD

Dr. Jerry O. Lee, a scientist, a mathematician, and a theologian – did not take it upon himself to judge any religion or creed but believed all people have the right to search for their own destiny. 

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The Path of Love…

The cravings for Love in the human arena begin at birth as a baby. The [...]

Marriage Before the Dawn…Addendum 8A

On the invisible vibrational trackways to a seamless mindfulness there go the travelers who seek [...]

The True Blue Intrepretation!!!

O heavenly breeze of blue whizzing in my throat which draws upon the spirit surges [...]

Love’s Regretful Moments….

Love is a constant moving and heartening in rhythmical concord of harmonious actions. When love [...]

Marriage Before The Dawn…Addendum 7

The Spirit of the Lord has stirred me to loosen the mind prisoners of false [...]

Marriage Before The Dawn…Addendum 6

There are those whose pious self-made religious exclaims in audio…strive to guide their voice of [...]

Marriage Before the Dawn…Addendum 5

In a foretelling compendium about bridges,,,,, renunciations are girded over….. Wounded hearts are healed; lonely [...]

Treasures Of The Heart…..

A good person from out of the treasures of uuns heart brings forth good things…(St. [...]


A prophet and seer ministry.  An archival treasure trove of more than 7,000 exhortations and prophecies by which this ministry was Holy Spirit led by the outpouring of signs, wonders, and angelic visitations.

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