A Heartsend

June 1995 To  my  wife…..

The young girl with the red hair that I met over thirty-three years ago (1961):  I was in love with you then; I am more in love with you now.  I first met you in a special warmness of my dreams.  As I watched you through that star window, you followed me then even as you follow me now.

When our eyes touched for the first time in that little church on Waterloo Road, I made a landing for you in my heart that moment.  There is no place on earth away from you that I do not feel the hurt of loneliness.  God has made our spirits to be knit.

I cannot promise you how many years of our road are left to walk, but I promise that I will walk with you every mile of that road for as long as it is.  Should it happen that by body I become absent from this journey, I will travel with you as your guardian angel.

As my mind pages through the memories of our not dull life, I think of how often that powerful agency of business shunted[1] us from hurried corridor to corridor.  Barely was there time to hug, to hold, to squeeze.  But the perfect lot of our destinies was strong, and always somewhere, sometime we d find the color of our belonging.  It was an art of heart-to-heart knowing, of spirit-to-spirit communicating.  The density of those moments was spans into eternal relations.

Tonight I am alone, separated by many miles from you.  Sleep well, my darling; no fonder love can be given, and I give this love unconditionally for the rest of our lives.  If you would hold any part of us closely, let it be our minds that were so

often aligned that sometimes we d burst into laughter when we d discover each other on the exact same track.

I love you; you love me; and God has therefore made us a great company.  Perhaps, just perhaps, the treadmill walk of our life is about to change into a butterfly roam amidst the gardens where dreams live happily evermore.  I have caught that breath, and I will hold it in my Aura Soul until with my lips I kiss yours and we share that breath as one.

When I recall our good times, they were not beaches far from home or exotic imaginations, but visits to the coffee shoppe where we sat across from each other talking with smiling eyes, or driving together alone in the car where we d discuss our explorations and adventures.  Then one of us would reach over with a hand and squeeze the other while passing deep admiring looks.  I love you for loving the deep things of God; I love you because you re you. 

The chug-a-lug of our journey is almost finished.  Soon our hearts will sail in a long and smooth breeze.  The children of our love will rise higher and higher until like sunflowers they will touch the clearest of sky.  Our family as one will cast out the shadows; as one we will sing the never-ending song.

I will publish our love in the eternal dawn of a never-ending sunrise.  There where invisible breaker waves mark with distinction the boundaries of this life and that one, I will write your name, my beautiful and faithful wife.  Feel my hand on your arm; remember my touch.  I am with you always, even until begins the new world.

Please forgive me in all the things or areas I have failed you   whatever they be, if they be: bundle them up and cast them into the sea of forgetfulness.  Let your eyes see my face as now I visualize yours.  You are my friend, my partner; together we are engineers on the star-ways.  Your forever and my forever equal one eternity.  One day all that belongs to a wheel of kind will merge to be one.  I believe you will be there, our family will be there, and I will be there.

Let us count our problems and ills as payments to settle old accounts owed before this world began.  Refuse to look down when you are down or low in spirit.  But when you are high in spirit, then look down and discern the negatives.  In this manner you can complete the wave circuits using favorable occasions.  Always remember it s only a matter of time until the better good will come.

I send my kiss of love through time, through space and through all barriers; it shall come in the smile of every rainbow, for it has spirit and it has truth.  All the olives of our family shall cling together on the same great tree.  And so the circle of our family shall never be broken in this time or in the time to come, for each one shall stand in for the other until that great day of radiance.

In the sweet tones of the Band of Light,[2] the world shall be colored in the most majestic art ever known.  In the mind rise of our Aura Souls, we will fly swiftly as birds of paradise when as a spark of twinness we blaze as comets to reach the oneness of enfolding.  There in the mountings of glory geysers,[3] the rushings of holy goldness will usher us into infinity.

A heartsend from your husbandman

2006 The Manifester

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