In the long of many past extensities, there lived a very beautiful, young, and gracile girl named Emle (Em-l?) Flowers. Emle was a dreamer whose heart was full of wishes. Emle, a child of a large and goodly family with sisters and brothers, loved her family but was obsessed by rainbow hopes that seemed like a wispy reality almost within touch. One day her mother said to her,  Emle, Emle, come back to reality. I fear I’m going to lose you to your other world!

At first a flash of resentment flushed Emle s face, but catching hold of herself, she smiled and said,  Mother, it’s not like you think.  However, one day as Emle sat imagining her dreams and posing vivid scenes in her mind, her attention was drawn to a happening in the wall in front of her. Suddenly the wall seemed to have a new dimensional depth, and she could see persons walking in a mistiness afar off. Very deep within this new and suddenly-appeared dimension, a greenish red light beaconed on and off. Then said Emle,  I think that blinking light means to come, but I don’t know what to do.

Just then, a very serene and handsome-faced man gestured for Emle to come. A rush of excitement flooded her being, sending quiverings throughout her body. The man with the handsome face gestured again. Emle hollered,  Don t go away! I’ll be right back.

Then Emle ran into her room and flung a few of her best clothes into a suitcase and then ran to the kitchen to pack a picnic basket of food and hurriedly returned to the living room wall. To her dismay, the dimension had disappeared. Banging on the wall with her fist, she cried,  Please, please open. You ve got to open!

But just then her mother walked in and, seeing Emle in her panic, exclaimed,  Emle, get hold of yourself! Get hold of yourself! What’s happening to my beautiful, dear, sweet girl?

Emle, sobbing, said,  Mother, a dimension opened up right here inside of this wall.[1] I saw it, Mom! I saw it! It really happened.

Emma’s Mom reached for her and cuddled her tightly; stroking Emle’s hair, she versed,  Dear little daughter, I believe you and I see your suitcase and your food basket, but I don’t want you to leave Dad and me. We have a great work to do. We need you.  Sobbing, they held each other tightly.  Tell no one of this experience. Let me talk to your Dad. It’s only fair, Emle, for you to totally share this with us. Why, if you had walked into that dimension, we may never have seen you again, much less have known what happened to our wonderful Emle.

In the passing of time, it came to be that Emle was again musing and imagining before the wall. Suddenly again it opened, but this time its deep dimension was very dark and mysterious. Far within the obscurity, a greenish red light beaconed on and off.  Oh, I’m scared. I don’t know what to do,  said Emle.

Out of the darkness a sensually masculine[2] man appeared and beckoned for Emle to come. As Emle drew near to the wall, her natural senses became more and more magnetized to the sensual figure. At her moment of hesitation as she pondered, her father, John, walked into the room and instantly seeing the situation, ran to the wall and smote it with his fist saying,  Go away now!  Then suddenly with a swish the scene disappeared and the wall returned to its regular form.

Emle!  John exclaimed sternly.  Do you realize what you almost did?

I know, I know, Dad. I’m sorry. It was wrong. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Daughter, let’s talk.

Dad, you know the pictures in the wall are real. You saw them.

Yes, Emle, I saw them. I know they are real. I ve known about wall dimensions since I was twelve years old. But, Emle, both good and evil can appear within that wall. You must never enter those dimensions unless you are ready.

How will I know I am ready, Dad?

First, you will have no fear; second, your desire will be foremost for that which is good; and finally, you will feel within yourself a strength and discernment stronger than you ever felt before.

Oh, Dad, thank you! I feel so much better. I love you, Dad.

I love you too, Emle. I don’t want to hold you back, but you must believe it was not just happenstance[3] that you were born into our family.

It was destiny, Dad.

Yes, Emle, those are the words right from out of my mind. I have a great work, and you are intended to be a part of that great work. Your dreams and wishes when properly aligned will coordinate with that great work.

Several years passed and Emle, now a young lady, began again to have profound wishes and dreams. There came to be a time that Emle again mused before the living room wall. Suddenly, the wall opened to Emle’s vision, and she could see further into the wall dimension than ever before. Once again a greenish red light beaconed on and off.

Overwhelmed with a desire to go within the wall, she started toward it. Mixed emotions pranced within her mind, and she began to remember her father’s words,  …You must have no fear.

But I’m not afraid. I’m really not afraid.

…Your foremost desire must be for the good.

Yes, that’s what I want. I just want the good. I can’t wait forever, or nothing will happen.

…You will feel a strength and discerning stronger than ever before.

I think I am stronger. For sure I’m stronger of faith than I was last time.  Emle reached out her hand into the wall. It was a pleasant, tingling sensation.  I’m going in. I’m going in.

Tightening her reflex muscles, Emle walked into the dimension of the wall.  I can do it! I can do it! I did do it!  She began walking toward the beacon light.

Just then a young girl came walking toward her,  Hello, Emle,  said the young girl.

How did you know my name?

We know most everything here.

Emle stared in amazement at this young person. It was so strange. It was as if she knew this person.  You look so much like I looked when I was your age.

A waver of expression passed over the young girl’s face, and suddenly her face was older.  What’s happening to you? You ve become older before my very eyes, and you look even more like me.

It’s that way here: you grow young; you grow old.

Another waver flushed across her and again she grew older.  Oh, stop! Please stop changing and tell me your name! And tell me what to do,  said Emle.

My name is Iunyo. I cannot tell you more except you must find the Yo-I. The Yo-I can tell you what you must know.

Will you come with me?

I can’t come. You must walk that path alone and go toward the beacon. The beacon has two lights. Follow the beacon road green.

Just then a great waver came and a mist separated Emle and Iunyo. After what seemed a good distance, Emle came to a separation of the beacon light signals into two paths. As Emle stood at the intersection of the  Y  of the green and red path, Emle looked as far as she could see into each path.

The green path was straight and narrow; but the red path, wide and glistening.  The red path looks so much more interesting,  said Emle to herself,  and much more as though it would lead to something very important and exciting. But Iunyo said take the green light path. What if she was misleading me? No, I trust her. There was an innocence of goodness about her.  Emle began walking on the beacon road green.  I wonder how far I must walk before I find Yo-I.

After a short distance, Emle saw what looked like a pile of clothing material on the side of the road. As Emle approached, a waver flashed over the clothing pile and it began to rise. Soon the clothing rose to a person figure, and a voice from within the clothing began to speak,  Who is it you are looking for?

I am looking for Yo-I. Yo-I can answer all my questions.  Emle tried to penetrate with her eyes into the face of the garbed figure but to no avail: there was just too much covering.

I am Yo-I,  said the figure.

Emle was jolted, for this was not the presence she expected.  How will I know for sure you are the Yo-I?

You will know because I will answer your questions with direction the which, if you follow, will prove I am truly the Yo-I.

Emle, after hesitating a moment, said,  I have wishes and dreams. Can you tell me how to accomplish them?

Tell me your wishes and dreams and I’ll see,  said Yo-I.

I want to be happy. I want to have a family of children. I want to be a singer and composer of music. I want to be an actress, and I want to help my Mom and Dad in their work for God.

And is that all?  quizzed Yo-I.

Well, there are other things, but that would be enough for now.

Indeed it should be,  replied Yo-I.  What you are asking is very difficult because of the conflict of time.

The  conflict of time puzzled Emle.

Yes, Emle, the conflict of time. You see, sometimes when there are this many wishes, a person can only live a portion of each one and not be able to fulfill any of them.

I don t believe that,  snapped Emle as she stamped her foot.

My, my, child. Hold your anger. I see that your mind is heavily made up. Under the circumstances, I’ll give you the best advice possible. You must take the journey of dreams, the journey of dreams that sound beautiful.

Yes! Yes! But where, when…

Hold it! Hold it, Emle. There are two roads, and of one of them you must choose. One is the road that sparkles, and the other is the road of vanishings. If you choose the road of sparkles, all of your dreams will come true, but not in your present life.

Not in my present life?

That’s right. You will be famous and outstanding, but it will be spread into several appearances.

What do you mean  appearances ?

This I cannot tell you. You must search within for the truth. If you choose the road of vanishings, it is a difficult road. You will learn many lessons, and you will discover the greatest of your wish dreams, and you will be able to live it.

One other thing I must say, Emle. There is a price you must pay if you take the sparkly road. You cannot go back to your present life. But if you take the road of vanishings, you will be able to go back.

Oh, Yo-I, why does it have to be so super difficult?

It’s not super difficult, just difficult. Emle, the answer is within you.

But I can’t forsake Mom and Dad and their great call. They need me. I have to go back. I’ll take the road of vanishings.

Meanwhile back home, Emle s Mother, Jadeena, found Emle s body crumpled on the floor next to the wall.  John! John! Something’s wrong with Emle!

John, running into the room, picked up Emle and placed her upon her bed. Feeling her pulse, John whispered,  She’s alive. She seems to be in some kind of coma.[4]

Soon Emle’s body was taken to the hospital where a doctor, pondering her condition, puzzled,  She’s in some kind of coma, but we cannot find any cause or any reason why she remains in the coma. It’s very strange, very strange.

John, looking at Jadeena said,  I have this feeling there’s more to this than surface can tell.

You mean the wall, don t you, John?  asked Jadeena.

Yes. We must remain by Emle’s side as much as possible, for she may at any time need us.

Back in dimension land within and beyond the surface of the wall, Emle continued speaking with Yo-I.

You have chosen the road of vanishings and that is a wise decision, Emle. Listen carefully, however, lest your journey be in vain. You must watch for signs. Every sign will be important; everything that happens will be important. Don t miss anything.

When can I start, Yo-I?

I must now leave you. When you can see me no longer, the road of vanishings will appear and your journey of dreams will begin.

Wait! Please, wait, Yo-I. I have one more question.

One more question, then, and I must go,  replied Yo-I.

Yo-I, what is the secret I must learn to turn my dreams to reality?

Indeed you have asked a very important question but also a very difficult one to answer because your dreams are complex due to the multiplicity of your variable[5] wishes. However, I leave you with thoughts and a word and a sentence…..You must learn how to  tweille .  [6] 

And so it was, after Yo-I had walked a good distance and could be seen no longer, the road of vanishings appeared. So began Emle Flowers’ journey of dreams.

As Emle walked, it was not long before she noticed a piece of paper on the road. Picking it up, she read: in between.  in between ? I wonder what that means. Is this one of the signs?

Soon another piece of paper appeared on the road. Picking it up, Emle read: the in and the out.  What does this mean? Surely these notes must be signs such as Yo-I was referring to.  Emle pondered the two notes.  in between…..the in and the out,  she repeated.  In between the in and the out. I ve got it! I ve got it! Somehow this is what  tweilling [7] or to  tweille  is. Yes, yes! That’s got to be it…..

Just then Emle heard a voice singing. As she neared, a young lady was singing on a stage of flashing lights. People were applauding and shouting acclaim.  Oh, I must hurry. I want to meet this person. Maybe she could help me with my music.

But hardly had she spoken when the whole scene began to fade.  No! No, don t go away. Please! No!  But her pleading was in vain. The lighted stage, the singer and the crowd had vanished. Emle sighed deep within and began to cry.

Why do you cry?  said a mature voice. A beautiful lady very similar in appearance to Emle’s mother stood by the side of the road.

I feel so sad. I wanted to meet that famous singer on the stage, but everything vanished before my very eyes.

That which you do not have you cannot lose,  said the lady.

Sweet lady, would you please help me? Do you know about this road?

Yes, I do.

How do you keep things from vanishing? Especially things you enjoy and love?

You must learn how to tweille,  said the lady.

But I don’t even know what to  tweille  means. Yo-I said it’s not the word  tweedle, twiddle,  or  twitter . Tweille  is a beautiful word. Its dimension has a great power of marking. To tweille is to search for the archway. To tweille is to identify between the in and out of the trellis where lies in your lattice the network of your highest inner lace.[8]

When epics of separation stand affront,[9] making a chasm of untouchable lengths wide, such chasms can divide completion of your dreams. Emle, when in confrontation of such things, go a-trellising:[10] cross every interweaving and latticework; somewhere therein you will find the signal that heightens. Search not with interjanglings, and be not heels over in somersault fashions of recklessness. But tweille until happiness surrounds you. Tweille until among all the lines you find the interline. To tweille is a state of mind where pure thoughts become visas[11] to the wheres of no limitations.

But how do I tweille?  exclaimed Emle.

You take a thought that is good, very good   and you hold and sustain that thought over and over again. When that thought begins to glow, you are tweilling.

That sounds so exciting!  said Emle.  That gives me several ideas for questions.  But just then the lady vanished.  Oh, no! Not again!

Before Emle could ponder any further, a house appeared, and the voices of children could be heard coming from inside. A little boy with his head through the open window began to holler,  Mom! Mom!

Emle was startled, yet she irresistibly hurried her pace toward the house. Now the front door opened. Two older and two younger children came out, their eyes searching deeply into Emle’s face.  Mother, where have you been?  the two oldest chimed almost in unison.[12]

Emle impulsively yet unctuously began a glossolalia[13]   words of tongue which she could not understand one word. Four children ran to her side and began clinging in a hold as of a long absence.  Don t leave us, Mother  was repeated over and over as eyes, mixtured in sad and happy glances, continued to search Emle’s face.

Somehow, these were her children. A raving love swept her as she patted and hugged these most wonderful little people. Thoughts were racing through Emle s mind as she walked toward the house, her children hugging closely. But just then the scene began to be wavery.  No! No! Don t vanish! Don t vanish!

She remembered the advice of Yo-I and the lady:  You must learn how to tweille ;  You must hold the thought that’s very good until it glows within you.  Immediately, Emle with great consternation began to deeply meditate on the children. Everything seemed to be flickering. Holding on and squeezing the children closer to her, Emle began shouting,  You ruffling winds of vanishment, I adjourn you now! You cannot take this providence of love away from me!

Emle began striving to recall from the deep tracts of her mind every mode of defense and every point of excellence. These she would need to defy the rathlings[14] and tempestuous[15] waves of dematerialization that threatened to swish away her sweet and living dream. Emle felt an indomitable[16] splendence[17] mounting upon her. A sweet odoriferous smell, aromatic and lifting, scented the outdoors. A bestowment of peace settled about.

Emle closed her eyelids for just a fleeting dot of time, but then a scampering sound and the feeling of a twittering[18] twinge jolted her from her reverie. She opened her eyes and with quick-sighted view discovered the thing she feared had happened: all had vanished.

It was as a concussive[19] shock. A deep pouting set in. All of her balancing attempts had failed. Unfavorable thoughts about the road of vanishings began lodgings in her mind. Everything now seemed to be an aberration[20] and subterfuge. A series of dissertations began hammering her spirit. Nothing, she reasoned, could accommodate a consolation.

She had asked for this dream to become her uninterrupted possession, but no arch appeared on the horizon, and the vanishing seasons did not go away. A change of significance had happened to Emle. She would utter her attitude abroad. Dark and dismal of mind, Emle began to scream,  I want out of here! I hate this road; I hate it!

But the next instant her mother, Jadeena, and her father, John, appeared sitting on the porch of a good-sized house. They had greatly aged and were now very weary and tired.  What do we do now, John?  exclaimed Jadeena.

I’m not sure, sweetheart. I had wanted to send a book into the world to make known to mortals what was the first definition of importance to their Aura Souls.

It s not your fault, honey; we just couldn’t accomplish such an immense work alone.

Emle, sobbing, began to run with her might toward her Mom and Dad.  I’ll help you! I’ll be with you!

A vision of Yo-I appeared.  Emle, Emle! Control your temperament; drop your angers. There is within you the power of remarkable acclaim. Make a close inspection of yourself. Graduate from your fears; graduate from the levels that do not have an offerable state of mind from which you may launch into the very good thoughts of your admirations.

Don’t take paths of convenience for convenience’s sake. The anchor of attributes is within you. Accentuate these words. Point up to the higher scale. Find the cross of the lattices at the holy conjunction point, for there is the intermication[21] spot where the rainbow of grace begins. Tweille, Emle, tweille now; the power is with you. The Almighty One kingdoms you. Tweille, Emle, tweille!

A deep reckoning strode about her mind. Emle fastened onto the Yo-I s words and began to tweille until a warm and vibrant glow of assurance flowed within and out of her innermost being. She closed her eyes and opened them.

Emle! Emle!  shouted Jadeena excitedly.  You’re back! You beat the coma!

John had been sitting with his right arm and hand raised toward Emle nd, he guided her up to her feet. For sure, somehow Emle was truly back from the wall dimension to the natural world. She had tweilled a rs body in a super-deep concentration. Now he rose and came toward Emle. Tears of happiness streamed down his cheeks. Taking Emle s haeal tweille.

Emle told of her experiences. The entirety of events brought about a change of significance to Jadeena and John. There was room for more than one dream wish. There would be a new reaching out, a broadening of the horizon, a giving out of rainbows. Dreams would be joined to dreams. Wishes would be joined to wishes. A coming giant trueness heavens wide would swallow up the narrow confines.

Emle, Jadeena and John, holding hands, began their walk to their vehicle and then home. Not one admitted it, but each one was tweilling.

2006 The Manifester 

[1] Bible Reference: (see the wall experience Ezek. 8:7-12; the hand of the Lord in visions of God brought me Ezek. 40:1-2; and they entered into the wall Ezek. 41:6; Song 2:9; Joel 2:7; Hab. 2:11; Isaiah 38:1-2, 7-8; Zec 2:5; Rev. 21:12 [2] (From Previous Page) masculine: -American Collegiate Dictionary:  male Suggestive or characteristic of a man; mannish.

[3] happenstance: -American Collegiate Dictionary: A chance circumstance

[4] coma: -American Collegiate Dictionary:  A state of deep, often prolonged unconsciousness, usually the result of injury, disease, or poison, in which an individual is incapable of sensing or responding to external stimuli and internal needs.

[5] variable: -American Collegiate Dictionary: 1. a. Likely to change or vary; subject to variation; changeable. b. Inconstant. Mathematics. Having no fixed quantitative value. 1. Something that varies or is prone to variation.

[6] tweille: To search within one s own lattice for true joy and happiness and to summon them to one’s mental state;  to search for the archway…to identify between the in and out of the trellis where lies in your lattice the network of your highest inner lace. Emle Flowers,  Star Rise, The Holy Manifest 

[7] tweilling: -Jaboah: enchant of the Soul s essence for empowerment   Soul singing, thinking as an instrument for modulations to mental and spiritual advances

[8] highest inner lace: -Jaboah: Aura Soul connection 

[9] affront: -Jaboah: to block -American Collegiate Dictionary: To meet defiantly; confront

a hostile encounter or meeting.

[10] trellising: -Jaboah: the living search for one s lattice

[11] visas: -Jaboah: passports   travel ways

[12] unison: -Jaboah: perfect prime identification in the sense of mind and body resonance -American Collegiate Dictionary: 

2. The act or an instance of speaking the same words simultaneously by two or more speakers. 3. An instance of agreement; concord. harmonizing exactly

[13] glossolalia: -Lexica: tongues angel tongues ( tongues of angels in the Holy Bible). The ability to communicate in angel languages, some being picture images, some being combinations of non-earthly beepings and sounds.

cloven tongues ( tongues like as of flames of fire in the Holy Bible). Divisions or layer potentials of languages and language sound images.

foreign tongues ( tongues of men in the Holy Bible). Tongues not native to one s physical birth.

mysterious tongues ( unknown tongues in the Holy Bible).

[14] rathlings: -Jaboah: from rathe (the Oxford Universal Dictionary) quickly before the natural time rathlings = the quickenings of dematerialization but of premature timing

[15] tempestuous: -Jaboah: agitated tremulant powerful

[16] indomitable: -American Collegiate Dictionary: in dom i ta ble ( n-d m -te-bel) adjective Incapable of being overcome or vanquished. [Late Latin indomit bilis] [17] splendence: -American Collegiate Dictionary: Shining or lustrous; brilliant.

[18] twittering: -Jaboah: a flutter of excitement

[19] concussive: -American Collegiate Dictionary: 

1. A violent jarring; a shock.

[20] aberration: -Jaboah: a blurring of proper mental and spiritual focus -American Collegiate Dictionary: 

1. A deviation from the proper or expected course.

[21] intermication: -Jaboah: from interminate in the sense of there being a dispersion point where the locus vector of one s lattice points to infinity

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