Ah so, a crust of ages is undone by a flying wind that flings off this crustedness until a revealed vesture is opened. A sleeping giant of a billion faces juggernauts forward; now the world will shift to recognize a resurrected dynasty. A new wall, not of stone but of trees, stretches across the landscape. They who will be poor here will be poor; they who will be wealthy here will be wealthy. Chinese eyes search for wise minds wherein treasures can be found. The junker role fades. A great mightiness having wings soars in the form of a multitude search engine. A plague comes; a great dying strengthens the gate.

Asian nations of different profiles look at each other and feel their powers, but it is when the Chinese giant strides that the earth trembles. Go East young man, go East, for there abounds opportunities bright as gold. Yet understand, they who ride the kite of the dragon must be willing to eat dragon’s meat. On the street where you live, look away, and watch for the jeweled hands of he who will become China’s prince.

Upon nearly every land on earth Chinese flowers of red or yellow will grow. The riddle of the China doll will become profounded in space. If more of such things you want to know, observe the checker board squares.

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