There is nothing new under the sun” so says a great writ (Eccl. l:9). Epochs of drastic and major changes have happened before and changes will happen again and again. Sadly, great dyings may happen, but almost always there will be survivors. Out of the heaps caused by runaway weather a voice that has spoken from the deep past will be remembered (John 14:26).

Then stirred heartstrings strumming harmonies will cause human mental strides to pace beyond the boring treadmill walk (2 Peter 3:l). Lattilution, (God’s will written in the soundtrons of all creation as stated in Roms.10:18 KJV) will rise to aid disconjuncted survivors by opening knowledge between and above their eyes. Solutions will rise like towers. Life will live on. Floating earthquake-proof cities will be built beneath the surface of the ground, satellites for outer space cities will be flung into orbits about the skies and sea worlds will exist beneath the oceans. Star time will reign and mortals will at last lift their eyes to muse about faraway places from whence very long ago they came.

Although disruptions rush like a hell from the skies and delusioned mortals purport it to be the end…”the end will not be yet, such sorrows will then just begin (St. Matthew 24:6-8). Amidst the mire and the clay, amidst the sand and the dunes, desalinated water from the seas will run in huge pipes to wet the creeping and growing deserts of the world. The deserts will bloom with the blossoms of fruitfulness (Isaiah 35:l) and sunshine will be stored as radiation.

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