Go to now, fetch answers that have prime resolutions. Seek not short and quick answers just for the sake of brevity alone. Seek not long and complicated answers so as to prove by technicality and length a superiority of proof. Let the grains of your thoughts take root where they will until they find the nutrients they seek and need. Be freed to let your rooted secrets fly to the neurons of millions. As a person with a fluid mind allow the rivers of your Yada knowledge and spiritual passions to flow.

Peradventure, it is true that a measurement is a measurement. Purport, it is also true that a measurement of kind may fulfill a certain metage of reckoning yet not by far tell all the stories of survey that may be said.

So then, beyond the platitudes of latitudes, longitudes, and parallels, whether comparative, relational or tangential and whether of extent, expanse, proportions, mass, volumes, or weight there exists an interdimensional insight into the marrows of existence which only fluid minds can see. This insight far exceeds ordinary rulemanship vision.


The Manifester


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