There is a world flood of disinformation that abounds almost everywhere as an outrageous plot of deception. What seems to be true is often false, and what seems to be false is often true. In a time of spiritual aplenty, there is also a great spiritual poverty. The phantoms of travesty use skills of stealth and dazzling displays as if they were trapeze aerial artists.

The illusionary is image-ingrained again and again, visibly, to many an innocent brain. Large numbers of the human masses are stuck with a minimum of factual information. One day, millions will experience a rude awakening when those taught misperceptions are ripped away by the manifested truth. Stunned and bewildered hordes in an outrage of frustration will strip off the opus of uncertainty once and forever. Not one building stone will be left upon another of those institutions which are propped up by those who stand on the blistered heels of falsehood.

Those human mascots are as though they be transformed to locusts, cankerworms, caterpillars, and palmerworms, who have robbed years of their victim s lives through their inimical acts which have numbed the brain power of millions and have wasted it down to only crumbs of self determination. On a day when spiritual stars blink their accord, Destinata will open the heavens and knowledge will cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas.

In the mirror of many faces it will be seen that tears of relief will wet the cheeks of new believers. In a book of many stories, a book of seven thunders, a book of worlds, words will play spiritual revelation as if from the trumpet of Gabriel.

Some persons who thought they had a final materialization to call home will discover they are the seed of another world. In that wonderful not afar off time, minds will find lost bliss as they look upwards to the stars that shine as diamonds in the heavens.

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