Though I walk on the ground beneath my feet, I carry my head aloft. My feet touch the soils while my head touches thought waves. I walk through gardens of flowers and blossoms of fruit. I walk on sidewalks of big cities. I walk on paths where few have gone before. Like an owl, I turn my head 360%. My mind spins; my thoughts churn; my eyes vision. I am not in unction to kiss the ground beneath my feet, but I feel sensation to kiss the scent of blossoms in bloom. I do not know the lonesome valley, for I am a friend of God and nature. Communication is available everywhere.

The angel of my presence walks with me and glows with me. There is a welcoming mat to the house of my mind. The furniture is arranged for grand discussions and moments divine. Yet, sometimes I do hide myself away to celestial thinking. When I was young, I knew it was destinied for me to be a selected mind. I strove to enter by the Spirit to a new way of thinking . Think it not easy to do this, and you will be correct! Nevertheless, one’s will is a tool helping possibilities to be born (compare 2 Corinthians 8:12 KJV). There are ages and worlds that want to be expressed through my lips as flying scrolls of words. So be it!

My Darling, swift and wonderful Holy Spirit,,,,, faster than the speed of light you come to me when I call. You say to me: when you cannot pray, I will show you how to pray….. (compare 1 Corinthians 14:2 KJV). The sentence of death is in us (compare 2 Corinthians 1:9 KJV). If we listen only to our own thoughts, we will often touch on the subject of the sentence of death within. This sentence includes ill health, misconstrued thinking, and a body out of sync. It is time for a new song about life unending and new joys described by new words to songstership.

“The deep calls unto the deep” (compare Psalms 42:7 KJV); empty vines are passed over, for the gods (angels) want fruit. I have learned to speak their language, knowing they have much to say, and because God has given His angels charge concerning us (compare Psalms 91:11 KJV). What I am saying not everyone will understand at this juncture, but they will understand in the course of time.

I desire in God to set your brain free from its infirmity which is due to a lack of brain chemistry. Think not that I am saying you are crazy. Rather, multi-masses of humans suffer deprivation of God-intended Garden of Eden Health. In a new way of thinking called Gentou, I will set a thousand hormones free in your body until your health soars like wings and your mind thinks like a god. Also in  a new way of thinking, I will teach you about “calling those things that are not as though they are” (compare Romans 4:17 KJV) until wonders sing and dance around about you.

In an ever renewing and never aging-old but aging-young mind, a new way of thinking will rise causing boundary limits to disappear and new dimensions to sparkle and bubble.

These things I say in a part, I will say more when it is time to dissolve the glass darkly vision (compare 1 Corinthians 13:12 KJV).

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