In antecedent times the way of the seal was quills, ink, paper, and sticks of sealing wax. Even going back to very ancient time, high profiled persons such as kings, nobles, and officials used finger rings with insignias or motifs as engraved seals.
Historically, the seal was used to send a royal message which could be a greeting, a command, an ordinance, a secret military order, or a host of other messages. The king’s seal carried tremendous authority and power.

Many modern day nations have National Seals called: Great Seals. For example…there is The Great Seal of The United States of America, The Great Seal of The Realm (United Kingdom-British), and The Great Seal of Canada. These are powerful seals when used by the said governments for legal, and military officiating. There is much that can be speculated as to the meanings of the images, symbols and motifs used.

Public persons used the wax seal for the confidentiality of their letters. It was reassuring to receive a letter that was direct from the sender and, by the sign of the unbroken seal, to know no other person’s eyes had looked on it’s content.

It is interesting to note certain of the Bible’s particular manifest use of the seal in a revelatory way. But first it can be mentioned that the Bible refers to other instances of seal usage: seals used by kings 1 Kings 21:8, Es. 8:8; seals used by priests Neh. 9:38; seal of the heart Ca. 8:6; seal to seal up visions and prophecies Da. 9:24; seal of the righteousness of faith Rom. 4:11; seal of apostleship 1 Cor. 9:2; seal of the sealing of a book Isa. 29:11; seal of the sealing of evidence Jer. 32:10; the sealing of the Holy Spirit Eph. 1:13; and the seal of redemption Eph. 4:30.

Now back to the revelatory seals….. Of most all the Seals mentioned up to this point, anyone who had the opportunity, who dared, or wanted to, could open them. In the Bible, in the book of Revelations chapter 5:1-3 is mentioned a book that is double-sealed with seven seals; therefore creating a double sealing equal to fourteen seals consisting of seven inner seals for that which was written within the book and fastened to seven outer seals for that which was written on the outer portion of the book. To loosen any one of the seven seals opened the coupled seal.

Outstandingly, it is said, that no human living in outer space, on Earth, or living underground had been found that could open the seven double seals of the Book nor to even look upon the seals of the Book. These invisible quantum code seals were, no doubt, advanced far beyond any primitive mind. Without a keydom seal interpreter, a most desperate situation was transpired. The mysteries of time, the mysteries of universes and their overcomers was enfolded into densities untouchable and therefore unknowable. Be it such, worlds of information for solutions to physical and spiritual insights would be left in suspension.

At last however, there was found the Saviour whose Great Seal was a *lambda, or as it may be said, whose Great Seal Key was a particular set of wave frequencies. This same Seal was an official God authorization into the Energy Dot information of the last seven universes that existed prior to this present universe.

Sadly, this *logion information (St. John 21:25)was too unbearable for the mental darkness of the world to receive or comprehend (St. John 1:5 and St. John 16:12). So then, transcendentally speaking, the lambda was under a sentence of silence, as though the plan for the present world had been slain (Rev. 5:4-9).

By laws of kingdom Love, all angels know that whosoever will be a Saviour must be willing to transcend during the saving event and take on the form of those who are unsaved of knowledge (St.John 15:13, 13:7and Ist Cor.2:7-12). In the accord of words unspeakable, in the uttermost of Love unquenchable, being willing of heart so descended the Saviour (St. John 3:16).

In the Star rise of truth (Num.24:17), it can then be understood, that each of the mentioned seven universes had overcomers who achieved eternal life (Heb.1:2,11:3) The thoughts or overcomer spirits of each universe are collectively represented by using a capitalized plural singular term entitled the Thought or the Spirit of a universe.*

Therefore is understood the meaning of “The Seven Spirits of God” who are courier messengers (angels) who from their Zizith space craft preach the everlasting gospel in the skies by signs and wonders (Rev. 14:6).

Clearly, major additional things could be said as regards the Engraved Seals, such as the subject of symbols. But there is a time for what is to be said to be said.
After the writing of this web log, The Manifester decided to have a seal made using a Hummingbird over a large M for sealing his letters to the Destinata.


*LAMBDA- A letter from the Greek alphabet used as a symbol for wave.

*Logion- Christ’s words not recorded in general writ (St. John 21:25).

*The term “spirit” singular, and the term “spirits” plural, are from the same word language of the Bible’s old and new testaments.

The Manifester

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