Perchance some persons will say it should not be said that all is vanity. Yet verily I will say it. All is vanity! All things on this earth are exceptionable, which is to say all things on this earth are objectionable and unsatisfactory at times.

So then, the paradox to this is called time . What is objectionable at one age is not objectionable at another age. What is lost at some moment is gained in time. What is gained at some moment is lost in time. Armies go to war, fight, kill, and destroy to gain a political or religious point; but given time, all that was about war will pass into change again. All is vanity; for of vain actions and vain things there is no mortal consensus for an end.

Warily but greedily, the warlocks of graft — money lovers despite and below trust — portent on one hand of warm-heartedness and generosity. These same cunning graft-takers, on the other hand from their conning towers, portent conspicuousness, caution, suspicion, and annoyance while in the name of honesty rip off wallets and purses of all persons within grasp. Perhaps abstractly they feel it is their duty to fulfill the words of Jesus that the poor will be with us always.

Babylon rises then falls, then rises again using a different name. The lame are healed; the unlame become lame. The curtain rises then closes on the story of life. On another day in another time at another place, the curtain of life will rise again.In one way or another, at some time or another, all is ambiguous. Put no spotlight on me; for what I see I do not believe, but what I see not I believe. This I say even though this strange spin is not 100% subtended.

What are today’s miracles will be a future tomorrow’s common events. What are facts today will be as subtracter circuits that have only borrowed elements from the truth.

In my Earthy time of visitation, they will seek to tame my mouth; but when I am gone, they will search for any scrap of the things I have said and written.

Behold subterfuge feathers the peacock, but his strut is more glamorous than his love. All is vanity in the time of vanity. The hounds of hell will lick your face if you let them, but don’t forget they are looking for blood. In the day of the voice of the calling angel, before counting your hopes, check first to see which angel it is who calls.

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