Communication in the angel world is a vast distinction from human communication. To begin, in this verse the starting word, the conjunction “and” is a multilayer word. There is contextually forged here divisions of understanding belonging to noble and superior minds.

The emphasis is clear, the voice of communication is on a level of a “great” happening. No doubt there are intervals of the space of time involved here because the “saying” is coming out of “the Temple”, especially referring to the Temple in heaven, because here the definite article “the” is contextually used.

This format set off by the verse words “out of”, uses an opening of a band of reveals of a trans- positional importance, which is an opening of seals of codes, known only to particular angels.

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The description “seven angels” also entails a proposition of a determined dispensation of time being of the number seven a sabbath week. This design of instructions therefore incorporates a spiritual logic when added to the official instructions: “go your ways”.

It is seen here that angels have their specific action designations. Different angels have different jobs and different destinies. Some angels are guardians instructed to camp about and over see humans. Other angels are action specialist to a wide variety of class persons, standing by to “lift them up lest they dash their feet into the stones”. Still other angels are involved in acts of judgement.


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