Whiddingly,* the Vedette* transports from exordium to exordium.* Uun is an exemplar of a very olden long ago. From mental lovelands of co-heartedness, Lordships, called angels, radiate harmony. They are universal watchers, and their job is to love-keep God’s children (Math. 18:10).

In the affection of sheer love not of common worlds, the roominess of their hearts would fit a galaxy of lost Soul beings. May a sanctus of spiritual rousings guide us to see the colors of their love form. They are so affluent of tenderness their touch is enchanting.

O, angels of the Seven spirit Thunders, angels of universes overcome: Ophannim, Cherubim, Selahphim, Yadaphim, Seraphim, Amramathim, and Higgaionnim, sing now your melismas and I will hear you.

Teach me a kindness so deep that it becomes a presence of its own…a longing so great that its reach will send healing vibrations into all who sense it…a peace so tranquil that one becomes deafened to the spirit of warring…and mercy so full of self denial that creations are born each second it speaks.

*Whiddingly – to move nimbly

*Vedette – scout, centry, watcher

*exordium to exordium – from beginning to beginning

*exemplar – worthy model – example

The Manifester

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