At this time among earthborn mortals, there is a shift to an unfolding of things which was said to be past finding out. In a birth of rare intuition, certain individuals called the Destinata are seeing and understanding signs not understood and sometimes not even noticed by the general human masses (compare Hosea 6:2-3 KJV). In juncture of windows not of this world, there comes fragrances of influence for mind expansion (compare 1st Corinthians 2:7-11 KJV).

A legato of knowledge previously considered uninterpretable noise, breathes into life and understanding (compare Revelations 6:1 KJV). Nameless destinations fly like birds.

A wonderful and beautiful people, planted on Earth but not risen of the real who they are, incarnate but not known, chosen but not assigned, imbued but not remembering, destined but waiting,,,,, until the moment of “The Awakening of the gods” when in the twinkling of a mental light their deep consciousness will turn on. (Compare Isaiah 26:18-20; also see, Matthew 9:24, Mark 5:39 KJV.)

Pilots, called “engines”, from the planets of Arctura Mansions (compare St. John 14:1-4 KJV), who are hundreds of years old (compare Genesis 5:21-27 KJV), fly ziziths and zuuts and ride the skies of other planets (compare Revelations 14:6 KJV). And when the trip is long like beams from stars, they cradle their ziziths and zuuts on planadomes to zoom in suspended animation to other parts of the universe (compare Isaiah 51:10 KJV).

Many of Earth’s scientists (without mentioning the possibility of methods that can achieve the equivalence of velocity by other effects) say: humans will never be able to travel faster than the speed of light. Gentlemen and lady scientists, if by medical advances you are alive 100 years from now,,,,, you will bow your heads in regret for having ever made such a statement. (Compare John 3:12-13 KJV as a Scriptural example of phototranslation to more than one location at a time. Such an instant quickening and placement could be an effect for achieving the speed of light plus.)

A secondary image rises but is not images of ghostings. A gigabit (of a billion pieces of information) plus many times more fits into the first image but is frivolous compared to the profuseness of information available in the second image. When the moment for the full “Awakening of the gods” comes (as the standing of the Destinata) neurons of the brain will suddenly be gorged with supernatural intelligence. Like a mighty rushing wind, the subconsciousness entering the second image will fill the mental houses of the Destinata. (See Acts 2:1-2 KJV, first image effect.)

Children of God do not be displaced if you do not understand the all of this message. When the anointing flows, you will come to understand all mysteries.

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