In the universe , and it seems in nearly every galaxy, a vast shadow looms called a black hole… There are many complex roots of science ideology about black holes, but unity of consensus about them seems fleeting. The horse of postulate rides on a plane of abstract geometry, and the guess is, it will continue to gallop in seeking answers of the unknown until its legs crumble with age.

Hindsight limited to the animate has no junction of certitude on the plane of history providing solutions to forward. Say not that some pseudo cousin of the theory of apes needs to arise with answers. Nay, but let messengers of love speak by a new tongue that will give birth to words of spinnings never heard before. Otherwise, the vague will not breed brilliance, nor will perception divulge the momentum for the mental equilibrium needed for mortals who would hope to converse with the genius of higher minded thinking.

Equations lie everywhere, but they are mostly dead things, because there is no true essence of quintessence in them. So much of the sought “answers from the theory of the all of everything” lives on a line of very advanced mathematical demarcation. And that is no automatic breezeway to fresh inhalations, but is rather, where vanishings suck away the revelations of life because day after day and night after night the folly of errant summations persists. Nevertheless, at that line is where minds must learn to eradicate the folly that spiritless numbers alone can solve regarding the quest for the reality of truth. I am not an anti proponent of numbers, but only numbers given insight by spirit inspiration will ever turn the knob to the locked door of universe reality.

True inspiration can seem extreme like believing in the possibilities of PREGNANT ZEROS.

I remember in a proverbial writ Solomon said: all is vanity! At first that seemed such a sweeping referendum to despair I didn’t want to take that train. So I buried my face into the book of ancientness and promised myself a thousand deaths of any ideas of my own that were unfounded. For I believed truth of reality was out there in the circuits of somewhere and would come some moment when mental fog could not abound. I believed that some moment when my mind was super clear I would be able to break the code lock of time, some moment when my hearing was so acute I would be able to hear when and how the engine of the universe started up its living heart beast. I believed a day would come when I would lick the cone of knowledge and the answers to all mysteries would bow and speak their secrets.

I wished for lips of wisdom to throw a kiss upon my tongue so that I would know the word-unlocks by which every listener who is a seeker can be flung though the opened gates to realms where dwells peace and good will..

And now back to Black Holes…They say the concept of the big bang must be wrong because there was not born at its bursting declaration an equal creation of matter and anti matter. But that is not true, but rather, facts have been ignorantly missed. Some scientists need to get off the sci-fi bus that makes predictions not based on facts or tests, and that creates bubble universes out of imaginative math and rather remove their negative dispositions that construct against the thought for things being possible that exist beyond the thinking of the kinds of minds of the present time.


I believe that there is a continuum of universe successions and that before this present universe there was a former universe. (And I don’t agree with any present world math known to me that says differently). So, if projections are in fashion which are created out of the winds of thought, grab a hold of this spin: When the former universe had finished sleeping its deep density sleep, A “Great Reverse Torque Moment” arose, and out of that Great Reverse Torque came the unfurling of density to the singularity. Suddenly an expansion was hurled forth from which lattiluted both matter and anti matter. However, because non anti matter was first born, by the law of Lattilution, anti matter was converted to a different energy signature so as to prevent collisions that would not allow a universe to be created, but rather to allow a universe to arise.

The intelligence involved in this in called the “Soundtron”, and it is the smallest and fastest particle that exists in the universe. The Soundtron is the true “God Particle” and there is no place nor thing in the universe where it is not. The soundtron is described in the Bible, called the “Line” in Psalms 19:1-6 and transliterated in Romans 10:18 KJV, to “sound” . The abbreviation of the Greek work Metron meaning to “measure”, being added as “tron” creating “Soundtron” due to being definitely implied persher-wise in the total combined text as a measurement quality.

The law of Lattilution allows the Soundtron to sleep for two for evers which equal one eternity (David said: if I sleep in hell you are there), and then awake to steer the happening of the “Great Reverse Torque Moment” of setting free the “zero point mass” into expansion. The law is written in the Bible Psalms 45:6, which says: Thy throne, O God is for ever and ever. (an eternity, the Bible says hell [the Ultimate Density] is eternal). Since the Bible says the throne is the heavens and the earth is a footstool, (a small finite part of the heavens (Cosmos/universe), Then we see the Throne is referring to the “Great White Throne Judgment” which is to last for ever and ever =eternity, a true vanishing point of vision mind and time but in the long of duration does have and end, (Revelation 20:11-12 and Rev. 19:4 KJV). Another: “for ever and ever” scripture: Psalms 10:16.

Consequently, this lattilution law (The lattice of all things visible and invisible), steered the signs of anti matter charge to always have potential for re-inversion whenever the fashions of stability needed to be varied. Correspondingly, congratulate everybody who believes that the prior universe became at its end, compressed into a point of mass so small it reached zero volume, and ultimate density. Additionally, let those believers also realize, that after two forevers which equals an eternity, then came the Great Reverse Torque. long called the Big Bang. So it happened that the once zero volume of mass was stretched out, (which stretching is multiply mentioned in the Bible), and then was born the beautiful universe that now exists. Therefore, let those persons reverence the Master of stellar handiworks by offering a salute to Ponto-Crator who is the almighty God.

A Discourse on the math of manifest realization….

I call Dark Energy (or whatever its real name) a kind of element used by the Fifth Force, which is the “Soundtron”, (although sometimes I  may seem to refer to the Dark Force as the Fifth Force) and believe the First Domain, (The Heaven of heavens), uses the ”Soundtron” and its Domatron effect as the Mind Force to rule the universe.  Interestingly, it is anciently written: “The heavens do rule”,(Daniel 4:26 KJV).…


Nearly 96% of the universe is said to be Dark Energy and Dark Matter, unknown by scientist.

>Jerry O. Lee, continues:

The scientific world says Dark Energy and Dark Matter (energy that is different and does not reflect light and is therefore mainly invisible) are unknown universal sources.  Consequently, these two sources supposedly represent 96% of the universe, which would mean that the so-called “known” universe would consist of only 4% of the universe…

How then can any equations by speculators of quantum string theories for a “theory of everything” who acknowledge they do not understand 96% of the universe have any claims for certainty of fact if only 4% of the universe is known, which, of course, omits knowledge regarding Dark Energy and Dark Matter?  I suppose to get around this they must deny the existence of Dark Energy and Dark Matter, and perhaps deny the past theory of the “Big Bang”, the Black Hole horizon, and any singularity, not to mention having serious problems with the theories of Relativity. 

Now comes Dr. Jerry O. Lee, D.D. Scientist, Mathematician, Theologian, and known as The Manifester Yada with a Manifest Realization as follows:



Definition of terms:  see below…








The Manifester Yada will now deal with the subject of zero which at the end solution of Relativity presents a crash into an unknown continuum called “infinity”. We will not bother with the Algebra and Calculus math resultants that conclude with answers of zero division that seem to produce absurdities.

Actually, my reveal is really about dividing what zero represents into itself rather than dividing by zero. In other words I am not interested in dividing the number zero into another number or into a theory, when I say to divide by zero, I am referring to divide zero by the state of itself. There is a point that zero can be a theory itself, so when someone says you can’t divide zero which is a number into infinity which is a theory, don’t believe everything said even if said by a prominent mathematician. Many such persons are in ruts of old school thought.

However, when the state of the circumstances transforms zero into a theory division that moves the whole equation into a higher configuration of scrimmage. Believe it or not, there is a major difference. I am proposing that when zero is the answer to an equation about a Black Hole singularity becoming a repetition of zeros called “infinity”, that zero at that point must be recognized and transformed as a “state of condition”.

Keep in mind that numbers including zero began as words of a language. So it is not a point of differentiation out of consideration to revert zero back to a word meaning.

I propose a thing I call “pregnant zeros”. Don’t make fun of that because this reveal can enhance the understanding of mathematics as to where it begins and ends.

I am not flagging fluxions, or kissing the “concept of limits”, or supposing floating mathematical points, nor the unzipping of a whole lot of other undefined inputs. Rather I am insisting on the real value of zero as composed in its relational stead as involving a proposition such as a singularity, or as I prefer to call it: a zero volume point mass.

When you take the math of relativity all the way to a singularity and the math ceases being able to make sense, because when it reaches the singularity, known math cannot equate a numeral for “infinity” or a description for the unknown factors of what a singularity represents.
So then, the problem is, math reaches its capable limit and therefore one of the descriptions of a singularity is the error of dividing by zero, thereby producing infinity. However, I think the term “infinity” is perfect, inasmuch as it would be equal to two forever s, precisely the kind of time a universe needs. Can a zero point mass be divided by the Pi of a four decimal number (3.1415)? At what point of trillions of numbers do the factions have zero value.

By a different definition the singularity does have a big zero to it. It has “zero volume”. So when you divide into that “zero volume” you discover that its “Point of Density” contains the whole potential for a universe. Therefore, since divide is a kind of subtraction, if you could subtract the density of the singularity point, it would instantly begin expanding exponentially and hopefully produce a wonderful universe.

So the pregnant zero, is the zero volume of the density mass subtracted from its gravitational density. Like dividing of the Red Sea in the time of Moses. The way to other side of the dilemma called “error” and “infinity” is the dividing of the zero non- volume. Which though said to have “no volume” in its compressed state has “potential volume” if released from the gravitation of density.

What in the time of Moses may have seemed like A zero escape possibility by the fleeing Israelites from pharaoh’s army, was metaphorically the dividing of zero, on one side the negative, on the other side the positive, and in the middle the neutral or neutron way. Be sure to understand, I am not referring to dividing by zero into an vast number, but I am saying to divide the matrix zero (neither using abstract nor imaginary math) but using simple transformations.

Further this math limit that reaches to the singularity and finds infinity, is another way of saying, finds the unknown that no standard math can solve. For at the point relativity reaches to the end of its math limit, a transformation of the terms properly done can resolve the whole equation.

Dear reader please do not allow the construct of this subject to cause you difficulty, it has major relationship to the miracles of Jesus feeding the multitudes by multiplying a few pieces of food into thousands of pieces, turning the water into wine, and walking on water in defiance of gravity.


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