In a reverie, in a dream, in a subconscious wish, I came to enchanting thoughts about discovering the secrets of how to span over all the disordered irritations and downloads of disease that come upon mortalkind.

If all the people in all the world (if even 10% of all the people in all the world) would create the proper moment to wish, to pray, to hope, to desire, then I believe a bridge over the river of tears could be constructed in a jingle of that wonderful moment.

Many humans rummage through life searching for the motherlode that will fill their personal wants, yet never find the silvern stone warm to touch. Caring about someone more than just oneself and one s own is paramount to freeing the icy cling that has frozen the jingle of the wonderful moment.

I call for the world on the moment between December 31st midnight 2007/2008, to wish, to pray, to hope for construction of a “Bridge Over The River Cry” to begin. Perhaps then the jingle will be loosened to ring so that a thousand wise persons are born who, as a result of their destiny, will build a bridge of tools for healing and inventions for peace. So then let it be that tears like a river need never again separate love from love… from those who love and hope from those who hope.

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