Can you visualize or imagine things described by picturing them in your mind. Of course you can, (Compare, 1Chronicles 29:18 KJV). Well then, lets go to the Bible’s make-believe-world where the Bible says: “calling those things that are not as though they are and calling those things that are as though they always were” (Compare, Romans 4:17 KJV). And here is another Bible’s make- believe-world scripture to experience: “Whatsoever is bound on earth is bound in heaven, and whatsoever is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven”. (Compare,Matt. 18:18 KJV).

After all “Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things HOPED for, the evident of things NOT SEEN”, (Hebrews 11:1 KJV). Consequently, even things that are shadows and types of God’s spiritual kingdom can according to the Bible, when rendered to God, be imputed to a person as a righteous act, (Compare, Romans 4:18-22 KJV).

SO THEN..Cartoons can be FIGURES of stories and things to come. Even the holy ground that Moses must take his shoes off to walk on, is a figure of a spot on the ground that represents things spiritually true. (Compare, Hebrews 9:24 KJV). This post will be the construct and beginning of a series of posts called: CARTOON FIGURES OF THINGS TO COME…This is of course planned to be an easier way to understand the Manifest Revelations…

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