Ching-ting-a-ring: From curls of poems unfolding, not written, but of a haloing existence, it is said: Let the breezes of my words blow on you knowledge of hearted love. In the reaches of touching the far-away places of my thoughts, may you find solace to fly to places of discovery you have never visited before.

Ching-ting-a-ring: A fervent ride of angels on the circle of the cup’s edge, a calling of you to drink kisses forever,,,,, be fascinated; be enchanted; join a burrowing through brain densities to freed neurons. A gallery of wishes freed at last loom like a royal wand commanding mental flowers to bloom and mental stars to shine on worlds of mind potential heretofore in bland darkness.

Ching-ting-a-ring: Who are you that reads these words? Perhaps it is you who is called to be a worker of miracles. In visual impressions, not from your eyes, but from your inner most being, so come wonders theanthropic. A sudden verismo (realism) ubiquitous in your body, spirit, and Soul draw you to rise becoming thousands times thousands of living bubbles.

p>Ching-ting-a-ring: “All things are possible” (compare Mark 9:23 K

Ching-ting-a-ring: If you will beckon the Manifest Word, it will fly to your heart and make a window through which you will see God in a most beautiful way. Hummingbirds in joy will come to peek into your window (compare Eccl. 10:20).

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