Once upon a time long ago, a very handsome fellow became the mate of a beautiful lady called Mother Earth. The name of this handsome fellow was “Climate”, for he was a lord over the whirlwinds.

It so happened, in the course of time, there arose an action from many nations called the Fourth Beast (see Daniel 7:19 KJV). This “action” involved changing the times, or as it may be said: changing the seasons and changing the laws of nature (see Daniel 7: 25 KJV). Handsome Climate was very upset about this “action” because he feared such an action might threaten his control of the whirlwinds.

Ever since the Garden of Eden had been shut down by space-borne events (see Genesis 3:24 KJV), handsome Climate had hoped for a restoration; but the weather kept getting worse. Even Noah, his friend and chief environmentalist, could not persuade the people-masses to be conservative even for their own life s sake.

A lot of time has passed since the days of Noah, but all the banks on a thousand hills and all the engineers of the world’s infantries will not be able to put the weather back to how it use to be in the days of the Garden of Eden, and prior to Noah’s day.

Presently, we are in the century days of the millena 2000, and weather changes are looking scary. Obviously, “The Fourth Beast” is growing in power and working to perfect his world changes of times (seasons) and the laws (laws of nature).

The Fourth Beast isn t alone in his action to change world weather. Other actions are in the making: huge sun flares, coming asteroids from outer space, earthquakes, volcanoes, and much more. Well perhaps, it is time to check out the planet Mars?…..if for no other reason but to see what Mother Earth might look like if somehow the action of the “Fourth Beast” is not stopped.

The Manifester

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