(A Tangled complexity of a strange masterstroke propensity).

It is said the inside of a Black Hole is separated from the rest of the universe in both space and time…

I Kawah saw a vision how there came forth a Beast out of the midst of the stars of heaven. And there was no light that shone from that Beast, for the mystery of darkness lived in him.

The Beast having the power of great magnetism said: I will draw the whole universe to myself and it shall all be mine forever. And the name of the Beast was: Hell’s Black Hole…for the density was many solar masses of a once glittering star…

For the Beast was given the keys to the Black Hole because no other great power desired it. Nevertheless, the Beast desired to be king over the Black Hole, for he overcame trembling and fear and made death his emblem. The Beast believed that no matter how long it took, he would rise again.

The Bible in certain parts does speak an indefinable language from the counterpoint side of the Beast.. which whispers its syllables to only certain soils that his message can be spoken from. (Scriptures for all the above coming).

Please stand by me in prayer, for this reveal has no common ground on earth except a Bright Star said: He sent his angels to testify in the church about root revelations, (Rev. 22:16 MIV). Therefore in the understanding of the Omega times.. is incorporated the knowledge of the Alpha root happenings. For surely, God’s revelation spans both the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega…

I write these things to excite you, and so that you will know there is much much more I yearn to write and share with you..

You may be sure the Beast hates me…


The Black hole Beast is Draco the constellation Dragon of stellar space which the Bible says cast 1/3 of the stars of heaven unto the earth. On earth the Leviathan sea monster and on land the Dinosaurs are symbols of this great Dragon of the skies of the heavens.

Black Holes have the potential to be destructive or creative. Just because a Black Hold is monstrous of size, even if equal in size to a galaxy or several galaxies, does not guarantee its power of density. It is equated that a stellar star that has become a black hole (even though vastly smaller) usually has far more density, and therefore, is much more to the potential of becoming a singularity with all its power of contraction and attraction.

There are relative sequences that happen in nature that relate Black Holes and space to an eventual tug war with each other. That is because as a stellar star begins becoming a black hole density, it keeps pressing everything of its mass into a tighter and tighter space-less state. Keep in mind that 90 +% of atoms and matter is space.

“Space” is a term with several descriptive tittles, but even so, seems to still be amiss of the better term or description it needs. There of course are the following names for space: outer space, inner space, vacuum, continuum, Hilbert space, metric space, conception of place, holographic space, and etc.

Interesting “space” can equal = a vacuum and a vacuum is considered a “void”. In Genesis it is written God created the earth and it was without form and “void”. (Genesis 1:2 KJV). So in the beginning there was a colossal “Vacuum” void of forms and things of creation.

It was not that things of creation did not exist as thoughts and as seed suppositions ready to plant as soon as the environment of the earth was ready, (Genesis 2:5 KJV), that according to the Bible was clearly the situation. Nevertheless, before the planting there was no form, nor things of creation, all was “void” or as it might be said: All was only a vast “vacuum”. How interesting that this science term “vacuum” was clearly represented with all its meaning in the first book of the Bible called Genesis about the creation of the universe.

For at that succession there was no space of the type being “a conception of places and things”. There was only the Utter Point Mass compression of the prior universe and beyond it the great and vast “vacuum” and of course beyond the vacuum the First Domain…

Who could be so weak of desire to not be fascinated by the night sky. What a loom of continuum of beauty. So speaks the night sky with all its billions of light years of information and awesome sights.

The Bible says: “The heavens declare the glory of God and night unto night reveals knowledge” Psalms 191-2.

A kind of light called “coronal” even shows up in photographs when water is present and an object is touched by high voltage which removes the electrons from the atoms. This action allows there to be produced an ionic photograph from a “corona plasma discharge”. Even if a part of a leaf is missing this photograph as a result of the above action will show a ionized glowing silhouette around the object and even the missing part will be phantom outlined by the silhouette effect.

Think of “Coronal” from the sun, the sun being a star so the effect is an on earth that is attached in meaning to the very stars of the heavens. So whether the wish of a person is to call this a ‘life force effect silhouette” or and “aura”, let your wish take the frontage road, for all these descriptions are imbued at least symbolically.

Come with me children of the stars! Let me show you “Ebony” which is not the prominent of the white keys of the piano but without them the full scales of the piano cannot be complete. So then “ebony” is essential to the whole sound and the whole form of that sound.

In the “music of the spheres” Black Holes are important, and if you do not have an ear to hear them you are not in tune with the whole language of the heavens which are declaring the glory of God. The root message of the Alpha is about the whole story of Jesus Christ as Yahvael, who was before the foundations of the earth.

Where dear ladies and gents do you want to go? It is said that it takes light 100,000 years to travel from one end of the milky way Galaxy to the other…I The Manifester am going to take a virtual reality trip on a good ole gospel space ship. Do you want to come with me?

By Photo-translation we can take the trip from one end of the Milky Way to the another in: PhoT,100 x 100,000 x C which equals one instant. Should you prefer to take the trip to the ends of the universe

(which is said to be impossible) I can take you there using super Photo-translation in: S.PhoT 1000×1000 x C which equals one qurve, which is a super instant.

Holy smack the crap, stop the nap, throw out the dumb sap (side of you) and get on board. The Black Hole story is the biggest story in town. Get your running shoes on. This will be an angel food mind trip.


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