The helm of the human mind has steered many ponderous perditions; its gruesome acts are still ghost-written in bone yards around the world. The book of records about humans killing and torturing humans is quite thick and barely has its enfolds been unfolded. As archeologist and anthropologist search the ancient past by their historical digging into the bone world of centuries gone by, one heinous upturning after another is being revealed.

Why? For what reasons has such carnage occurred? To name a few: human cannibalism, religious human sacrifices, and the lust to murder and slaughter for the desire of acquiring from others their lands, riches, and persons for sex and slavery.
But where does sanity and insanity enter into this human madness?

Can psychological drama as affected by physicochemistry, physicogenetics, psychoneurosis or psychological changes create psychopathic and psychomania disorders that drive humans to torture and kill other humans? Or are such savage actions normal, even sane expectations for the human animal state?

And, if we were to use the term evolution , where would evolution fit into this picture of violence? Could we say the beast (the animal) of mankind is savage due to its beast nature and only time and chance will allow it to evolve from its barbarous nature? Could we also say, because not all entities evolve at the same rate or in the same way, there will always be a variation of some entities as compared to other entities? Of course there is always the possibility that all mortals hold commonplace tendencies for good or evil, which is hidden as potentials in their subconsciousness.

And then, what about the Satan/Devil thing? Would such a force have the power to override the will of the subject and the creative potency to make uuns subjects vulnerable or susceptible to uuns own desires?

There seems to be uncorroborations upon uncorroborations, assumptions upon assumptions, and suppositions upon suppositions; but which way should intelligent or even spiritual eyes turn to avoid the face of human guesswork?
There are some great writs. But there is the forensics of solving the mysteries, the conundrums, the parables, the metaphors, the symbols and discerning the time applications.

Someone s undertaking will boast to another and say: I understand all mysteries, follow me. The truth is everyone must seek (to their own satisfaction) to know the facts. Even in science what is confirmed today may become disconfirmed tomorrow.

It has been said: we know in part and precipitate in part, but one day perfect knowledge will come and knowing only partial truth will be done away with. (See 1st Corinthians 13:9-10.)

Suppose that perfect knowledge as described in Corinthians is already deep within every person, but a catalyst kind of stimulus is needed to free that knowledge. Suppose that the human body normally functions and constructs decisions through a molecular to molecular messaging system, but in order to release deep subconscious knowledge it takes a Spirit-to-spirit action? There is a writ that says: The Holy Spirit will lead and guide each person into all truth (St. John 16:12-13). Comparing the human bio-molecular system as chemistry and protoplasm (physical body) to the human electra-supra-consciousness (spirit-energy body), it can be seen that those who only research in the molecular world (including universal materialized substance) fail to be privy to the total picture.

There are no doubt dimensions of space that exist beyond Euclid’s third principle of geometric space. Considering some of those beyond spaces to be supra spaces of the mind….. is it not possible that someone, somewhere has discovered a big chunk of manifest reality that is just waiting to be heard?

Yes, the bone yard has answers but many of its stories are quite heinous.

So then, seek the Holy Spirit to guide you; and for a preview-plus, read the Manifest Chronicles.

The Manifester

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