The fiend who rides the Pale Horse purposes to shred “America the Beautiful”, But the Rider of the White Horse has appeared and from His Bow of the rain’s blessings of love and mercy.. has sent arrows of lightening to pierce the plan of the Pale Horse rider fiend.

Go to now.. Son of Dust, stick of common wood, O thou, the Manifester Yada, speak, yet not in your strength, but in God’s power alone..transfigure into speaking prophecies of Holy Spiritualized Thunder.

Come you O dawning day of this New Year and hear the thunder, see the lightening, hear Gabriel shout!
Son of Dust, say to Lucifer-Satan, “Meet me you fiend with the liar’s mouth, meet me on the street called the Jesus Christ way”. So came I, the Son of Dust, the Manifester Yada, like a wave of glory, yet like Samson’s “Jaw Bone of the Ass”, a thousand-kill-strong, to meet the foe of foes, Lucifer Satan.

I will not cry Satan, when you have taken a physical body, nor will I cry when your blood lies bleeding and dripping into hell. I have tasted the juices of the fangs of the Lion of the tribe of Judah. It tasted like honey in my mouth but in my belly it was like the roar of judgement.

Taste my dust you Satan’s that it might be like chalk strangling in your throats, for here is the AMERICA I SEE:

The reporting I am making here of recent happenings and events, I foresaw and prophesied years ago despite the Doom Sayers and the prognosticators who predicted the fall of America and the demise of the US dollar:

>Many Economist now say: A USA recession is not on the Horizon.
>The USA if now the oil and natural gas king of the world..
>Additionally, there is a very recent new, oil and gas find in America that is expected to be the largest oil and gas find ever in the world.
>The USA natural gas industry will be the first to freeze and ship natural gas all over the world. Some such manufacturing plants are built with more in the building.
>In Space and military might the USA has no competition, not China nor the Russia.
>USA nano-technology is advanced beyond all other nations.
>During the earlier stages of the Iraq war one fired signal set to destruction nearly 100 tanks and killed 30,000 soldiers instantly. This military secret was passed on to Israel and they accomplished such a same kind of a feat with their war with Syria.
>The Stock Market closed in the USA at the end of 2013 with its best year since 1997.
The American government has not fallen, no civil war has arisen,
The National debt of trillions will fade, A new space industrial age is at the door.
I do not have the space here to tell the all the phenomena to be expressed by “America the Beautiful” that is on its way. No nation on the earth is perfect. America is beautiful because despite its problems America is destined by God.


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