Once of a time, Peter, a disciple of Jesus, under questioning agreed for his master Jesus and himself to pay tribute when, in fact, no tribute was due. Jesus, knowing lessons needed to be taught to Peter, instructed him to go fishing and to open the mouth of the first fish he caught because there he would find a coin of significant value with which to pay for the tribute (St. Matthew 17:24-27).

Who would ever have suspected for money to come from such a source? Peter got himself into trouble by speaking out of order; but nevertheless, Jesus was merciful and showed him the miracle of Easy Money.

There must remain many opportunities whereby there is easy money for those who really need it and can have the faith to follow instructions that may seem to not make any sense.

Quit walking in the same ruts. Adventure is where you create it. Easy money may be God’s plan for you….. (see Deut. 8:18). Certainly, “All things are possible”.

The Manifester

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