Trinket upon trinket, betwixt upon betwixt, ruffling upon ruffling, atom upon atom, and molecule upon molecule…thither of methods goes the topsy-turvy explore of the lab venture…their answers it seems should prove the point, but instead deny the point. And the mathematical curve which should prove gravity waves…stretches the lines out of position.

O give me range, lots of range under empty space above where “empty” is not zero and “zero” is not nothingness. Let us gather under the stars in the exedra and reason together that we may be transported to the loftiest heights of contemplation.

O luminous braid, crown my head with haloes of concrescent thoughts. Stir up, scoop up, brew up, a confluence long like a river of life, swift like a surge of brilliance, and more to light than ten thousand suns. By such light that shines from above, will I not see the hodos to visions of my star birth?

Let us clear the landing fields of our minds that the inner angels of our presence may have co-ordinance. If we will give them the moments, our angels will dance in our neocortical strains and prompt our minds to understand the on and off of virtual energies and the vacuum effects in space that can shrink or expand the vastness of the hither and the thither.

There is a truth about what “empty space” is called and what empty space really means. There is a truth to be unraveled about the theoretics of symmetry, the quantum, hyperspace, super fields, and the whole of cosmology.

In the syntones of manifest reality, one day “knowledge will cover the earth as waters cover the seas” (Hab. 2:14 KJV).

The Manifester

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