Once upon a dream not that long ago…there came to be a wish not of this world. It was a night that Barlee slept like a content prince. That was when it happened…for lo in the twinkle twinkle of Barlee’s eyes a profound thinking shift was born.

Coruscations began flashing in Barlee’s mind,,,,, sparking thoughts of supernal flourshings. His heart flew to the kingdom come, his spirit rose like a sweet incense to mingle amidst soundtron latticings.

He came to the mirror of fluttering wings and was told to choose his liking. Tokens of virtual reality took on faces and bid him to love himself to the High One, for then he would ride with the charioteer of God to paradise.

O come all you yearning to be free. There’s room on Arctura for you! For the sake of doubters let’s call Barlee “The Consciousness of Hope” and Arctura “Escape to Stardom”.

The Manifester

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