I am not referring to wrinkles, sagging skin or even blemishes.
I am talking about persons who go around looking depressed or lost and confused. I am also talking about people whose faces constantly carry anger and bitterness. I am talking about people whose faces bear the sickness of their minds and bodies.

Yes, and moreover, I am referring to persons who wear defiant faces, whose faces show an underlying discontent with other persons, and even a discontent with life. Such hostile face maps sooner or later lead to self-tragedy.

If you want a facelift get into being in love with the Hope and Love that shines from above. Love is a capable surgeon for healing facial expressions which show depression. You are due to laugh again and to smile again.

If you don’t make a change soon your face print may become so deep that only a miracle will change it. “Have a talk to the Lord upstairs, He wants to hear from you”.

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