I question if the term “falling” is a proper term for the event of discovery and the act of spirit and body fusion of two persons who become in love with each other. A fall is a fall, and its general connotations are of a negative event. Perhaps, with the roar of divorce and the anger of marital separations, “falling in love” is an applicable term. But I wonder! I think when two persons become fascinated with each other that they want to be with that person forever, it is an ascent to a glory called love.

It is written of Jesus Christ: “He became the author of eternal salvation”. This event is described as “greater love has no person”. So, becoming in love is quite a beautiful way of saying “to be”. Saying becoming in love, as meaning “let it be”, is another way of speaking about a glorious destiny of becoming in love.

For you who are lonely, drifting, wandering of search and decisions, I pray God’s blessing on your moment of love to become an everlasting destiny. Do not doubt. Do not cry, the One who is Love, wants you to find your destiny, and the peace that passes all understanding…

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