Shades of darkouts are showing in the spectrums of the financial world. Even the fall of money magistrates is storied. Regardless, the “root of all evil” or should it be said, the love of money that is the root of all evil (see 1st. Timothy 6:10) is growing like a “Jack’s bean stock”, impervious to the financial storm that is raging. It has been said: “Blessed are the poor in spirit”…..

Nevertheless, it would make no sense for the poor in spirit, literally or spiritually, to search such a madhouse in order to find logic, reason, or justice. Nor would it make a lot of sense for such individuals to invest their last pot of manna on a gamble that a star will fall to rise over their back yards.

The rich will get richer (they hope), but the poor need not get poorer if they carefully use and hold on to what they have. One day there will be world money currency credits issued from world quantum computer banks; and today s kind of money will enter the museum death row. In the new system, it will become illegal for any individual to not have world money credits. Don’t get over-excited that this is a great idea or that this change is going to happen tomorrow.

Yes, there’s a financial madhouse out there, and it can lead to an increase of people willing to kill people for a pocket of change. But, if you will take the care and the prayer that you should, there will be no need for you to fear. Survival is a great thing, but oftentimes the act of securing survival destroys the life quality of such persons to an extent that they get so tinctured in the mind they become paranoid.

The Manifester

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