There are many approaches to healing. If they work, they work. Even if you think they work, whether or not they fit the criteria of those “say so persons or charts” who speak for the medical performing arts, remember, at least, even receiving the placebo effect can be amazingly successful.

Considering how much is unknown to humans about the quantum realm, and due to the fact that the majority of humans use only a minute amount of their intellectual potential, why should anyone prefigure a conclusive opinion?

Back off, you opinionated alligators! If you are hungry to victimize someone, bite on your own tails! Let lattilution proceed ( or evolution, as some persons would say, but incorrectly so).

Come o ye hummingbirds and hum in songstership of logistical rhythmatics. Find the vibrations to the nectar of the human brain and thereby loosen the receptors of near unlimited pharmaceutical employments for healings and health.

O mortals, from your deep innermost being speak to your own brain or speak spirit-to-spirit to anyone’s brain who is willing, receptive, and needful.

When the Manifester uses Gentou, uun may direct electrovibmagnetic energy into the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands or through the corpus callosum for sending electric transmissions in neuron form across synaptic gaps into receptors of the body for regulation and healing. The body will not recognize that this is not its own messaging system and will therefore perform the correctly directed signals. This is but an inkling of the Gentou story. More to come…

The Manifester

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