The human body is a compound entity consisting of three parts:


1. A body, having physical consciousness, and as a body also being called a physical soul.


2. A spirit, having an awareness of it’s physical body house and also having spiritual consciousness.


3. A Soul, having an attached essence to a person’s spirit which signals in that person their spiritual birthright to the “kingdom of God within” and to the Heaven of heavens or as it may be said: The First Domain.


So then, there is a rational intelligence for the physical soul and there is a spiritual intelligence for the spirit Soul. The physical body soul is temporal, the spirit Soul can be lost. But the spirit is an eternal energy and will return at some point to God who gave it whether as a lost spirit devoid of it’s once given persona, or as a spirit still with it’s consigned spiritual persona.


Consequently, “God is a Spirit” and someday all who fully worship Am, must do so in Spirit and truth.


The Manifester


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