In astronomy the term “hyperbola” describes ‘a type of curve whose two ‘arms’ diverge and never rejoin’, also ‘a conic section with an eccentricity greater than one’, additionally, ‘a body with an orbit moving past another body without being captured by it’.There are three things that two persons truly in love would never want… 

  1. Never would Loves ― whose arms have held and entwined and whose bodies in close hugs have enmeshed in vibrations of serenity ― want to ever enter a curve of life that would cause a divergence from those arms of love such as would cause those arms to never rejoin again.
  2. Never would Loves ― whose hearts have become one, whose minds have merged in the song of one life and whose character of flesh has synchronized into one entity of pulsing ― want to ever enter into a moment of eccentric non-distinctiveness of their oneness.
  3. Never would Loves ― whose lives, though flying busily through the space of time ― want for a single split nano of happening a separation that would allow a release of the bond of love that has captured all their desires with unending fascination.

THE DREAM SONG   I dreamed I searched heaven for you, But I couldn’t find you there;All my searching for you was in vain. I climbed to the highest star, But you weren’t there; And then I wondered if you hid somewhere.I dreamed my heart took wings, And flew forever skies in search: My dreaming would not go awayThe zenith of hope is a prime meridian to where the circle of love cannot be broken.  In the twilight of a good dream, a second dream and a third dream will be sent on their way to finish a most wonderful and precious ending of the story that should and will be lived worlds without end.Whosoever is lost of love, faint not, but follow your sacred heart and believe; for God is love, and Am will not leave you lonely.

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