Many years ago, (about 45 years ago), while looking into the bathroom mirror as I was shaving, I suddenly notice an unusual moving in my eyes. By looking into my eyes in the mirror I saw people as spirit entities walking about…the Lord then told me that this was the Crystal eye vision. So from time to time over the years when the Spirit moved on me I could see the spirit of a person and things about their great past. This spirit to spirit is nothing short of incredible. I can sometimes even look at a picture of a person and be able to pick up what the Bible calls the residue of their spirit. It is amazing how beautiful and wise appearing most of these spirits are that God has allowed me to see…In the process of those many years my gift has grown to the point just hearing a person’s voice when speaking from their deep earnest self also allows me to also see a persons spirit.

Because almost all humans are fallen Ophannim who have spirit Souls, I can see the rhythm signal picture of their spirit Souls which still abides in heaven. Some persons who I have come to know who have no confidence in their selves and no self esteem, sadly, are ignorant of how beautiful their spirits are. I suppose someday this knowledge which i am now sharing will sweep the world when the knowledge of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the seas. Truly, this gift is a thing of love for you are gifted with this gift to look past the problems of the mortal and see the real you of the person…The Bible says when a person dies, their body returns to dust, but their spirit returns to God who gave it.

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