In Earth’s skies and environs there are millions of searching and mission-activated probes sent by non-Earthborn entities. These probes are mostly non-radar-detectable except during certain Earth magnetic fluxes. Specific picture-taking cameras catching refractive angulation shots can record them. Most of these probes are three to eight inches in circumference, but there are some probes used that are less that an inch in circumference. Some of these probes have been detected at crop-circle-making events.

These said crop circles are messages to specific people. In a way these crop circles can be compared to the parables of Jesus Christ. The Bible says Jesus Christ never spoke to the general pubic without using parables. Furthermore, the parables were meant to be understood at that time only by the Destinata (Mark 4:33-34~Luke 8:10,17~Math. 13:10-15). The crop circle designs are hyper-figurational and use vibration codes relational to music, mathematics, and astronomy.

So then, it can be surmised by what I’ve said that I am also saying that although the UFO’s are a mystery to most people, they are not a mystery to all the people. Futhermore, these “UFO’s” or as we call them “Zziths” are flown by robots, androids and engines (more to pilots) who are actually living entities (see UFO’s under Manifest blogs). Consequently, the Earth is not being invaded but is being gardianshipped by friendly and caring entities from outer space. The Bible calls these entities “angels”, but that is only a tranlational kind of ring. The word “angel” means “messenger”. These messengers have physical bodies. They are not here without reason. In many years to come, the Earth will face a devastating astroid fallout on this planet. In the years to come, those who will believe will be trained to escape on their zziths, zuuts and planadomes.

The Manifester

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