The heart of liberal compassion is always ready to forget, forgive, and renew acquaintance. However, sometimes the perpetrator who initiated the motions of disarray (contrary to their claims) harbor feelings, resentments, angers, attitudes, and hold private collusions with other individuals, anti to any resolution for resolve toward peace and renewal.

It has been said: that good intentions can pave the road to hell. For sure, there is a point that a person becomes a fool when for good intentions they break bread with betrayal.

Sometimes the songbird within sings to our spirits and lyrics: “It pleased God to separate you” (see Gal. 1:15 KJV). Those who took exceptional steps to rob your peace and to put you in harm s way and, by doing so, intended to throw your soul and all you ever worked for into the garbage, are cruel, selfish, not-to-be-trusted individuals. It is also said that those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit anointing are at risk of not ever finding peace.

What do I advise….. I advise to forgive and pray for such persons (allowing that only God can make judgement), but do not dance with daggers or cuddle with intended executioners.

The Manifester

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