The greatest tragedy to happen to any individual is to be lost from love. It is like living a life only in the night of day. It is like yearning to see the sunlight but with the darkness always prevailing. Love, lights up a person’s life, differently and more wonderfully, than any other kind of experience. The opposite of love is loneliness and walks through the mental tunnels of human confusion. Love comes in many forms: The love of husband or wife, the love of family, the love of true neighbors and friends, the love of creation. Of those many people who are absence of love, or unfulfilled by the said personal loves, I feel vast pulsating mind fields, lonely and searching for love. Rarely is it understood, that love, love of your loves ones as I mentioned, is a part of that part, which is a part, of the Love of God imbued into all creation.

Jesus said: “no greater love has any person than to lay down ones life for a friend”. Perhaps, you are being called to lay down your anger, your self will, your determined self expressions before and above all other persons. Please dear friend, submit yourself to love foremost. You will then awake, and discover yourself not far from the love of God.

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