Negligence is not forgetting, it is remembering but procrastinating. How often have the world bled and some heart been shattered because of negligence? To be a person who is poor in spirit is quite different from a person who is affluent with the folly of procrastination and negligence.

To see the Light again one must remove the Darkness; to love God again one must reboot their brain and rekindle the flames of their heart. There are great opportunities for everyone who wishes God wishes. God wishes abide in our spirits which can connect to the Spirit of God. You most likely have traveled this road before, but do not be weary to travel it again and again; it’s life and you ve got to live it!

Sometimes it’s great to whiz past someone and feel you ve won a race, but sometimes it’s even greater to whiz past your mortal self and know you’re winning over your negligent and procrastinating ways.

We need no conspiracy of silence, either of one with many or a person with oneself. Speak out and censure negligence before it kills the flowers and obscures the sun, moon, and stars. To taste sweet love again, one must serve its drink. To play romance again, one must attire in its costumes.

Gently weed the garden of your life, for how pleased and happy you will be when the colorations of beautiful views are your garden’s foremost sight again!

The Manifester

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