“I’m seeking asylum,” said the would-be refugee.

“And to which nation or kingdom?” enquired the department of legal loopholes.

“To the Kingdom of Heaven,” replied the seeking refugee.

“Purport we are able to accommodate you, are you able to remunerate our war contractor profiteering department?”

“Do you accept ‘adjusted dollars’?” quizzed Mr. Refugee.

“Perhaps, if you promise to not haggle over the price,” the representative for Loophole emphatically answered.

“I’m not in a confrontational mode; I just want to exit out of this whacko world before the blitz happens,” conceded Mr. Refugee.

“My legal advisory committee prompts me to inform you that the ‘heaven destination you are requesting is presently at war and accepting conscripts. The vouch for this can be studied in Revelations 12:4-7.

“Is the whole universe entrenched in menace and war?! the stunned refugee demanded.

“Nukeland seems to be just about everywhere,” replied Mr. Loop.

“So then, the dissolution of sanity has happened, values are betrayed, everyone reviles everyone, talk of world order infrastructure is just hyperbole and paste, and the archrivals of peace are even in heaven! sobbed Mr. Refugee.

What do you expect, Mr. Refugee, when sanctions don t work, friction is everywhere, cold wars are turning to hot wars, armament for defense is becoming a walk on the boardwalk of suicide, the culpability of voters is further overrun by extreme extrapolation, the world is full of brutality, and there are no working barriers to guarantee against war? So what do you expect, Mr. Refugee?! exclaimed Mr. Loop.

I’m so weary of subterfuge and prevarication. The loss of evenhanded dealing is causing a negative event horizon for the evasion of everything wholesome. There are perturbances even of love due to the evection caused by the juggernaut of an evil kind of dark energy, so said the refugee in a mope of futility.

As the refugee thought on these things, a song began to come to his mind: O say can you see, by the dawn s early light…through the rocket s red glare” (World War Three?), that the flag, was (will) still (be) there?

And then I knew although a thousand fall on my left side and ten thousand fall on my right side, it would not come nigh me (see Psalms 91:1-9 KJV). I will dedicate time to work for world peace….. after all, the whole Earth race of us mortals are of one blood (Acts 17:26 KJV). I will trust in God, and God will be my refuge.

Suddenly, another song came to my mind: “God bless America, land that I love; stand beside her, and guide her, thru the night with the light that shines from above.”

And I knew that song could also be as a prayer for every nation and land in the whole wide world. For surely, one day as the Scriptures say: The nations will beat their swords into plowshares. (Isaiah 2:4 and Micah 4:3 KJV).

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