How you breathe, where your breathe, and when you breathe, hold essences that leave vibration imprints where ever you have been. Speaking of Jesus, the song says: “Let Him breathe on me”… The scripture says: Jesus breathed on the disciples and said: receive the Holy Ghost.
There is so much to share that is beautiful, but blind spots in the minds of the multitudes often make sharing difficult. According to Bible we are to love our neighbors. In chemistry, a neighbor is an atom to which another atom is bonded. So then, breathing your prayers toward your neighbor is a way of spiritually bonding with your neighbor.

As regards blind spots of the mind, perhaps to better understand spiritual blind spots lets go directly to the subject of physical blind spots in the eyes. In the eyes, a physical blind spot is the point where the optic nerve joins retina that is insensitive to light. Insensitivity can be a blind spot.
I want to encourage you that you can overcome every blind spot, it is just a matter of spiritual fitness. You will know you are getting fit as your spiritual hunger and thirst for God’s righteousness looms in you. Yes, Oxygen has a signature. Isn’t it time for you to start leaving your name around.

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