The Bible says that no persons or angels know the time of the second coming of Christ. And why do you suppose that is? For ins thing the knowledge of the exact timing of the coming of Christ, would cause confusion and panic of contemplation. Then there are those individuals who have taken in hand to cause the return of Christ by planning to destroy the JerusalemTemple Site Muslim Temple. The list would be too long to try and include all the attempts to help God by forcing the return of Christ through creating certain circumstances.
False prophesies a many have been made giving dates for the return of Christ.
The reality of the situation is, that God has a plan and it is nothing like what the general Christ return plan of God is… Christians need to back away from trying to conduct God’s business.


Jesus Christ will come, there is a destiny involved. Get out of the notions that you need Christ to come because of your predicaments or fear of world conditions. God can and well deliver you where you are, as you are at this present time.

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