To gain a sense of release from the causes that create frustration, misery, and unhappiness, ponder these lingerings of thought…

It is so easy and natural to follow and adhere to the magnetisms of the mental physical pole. Nevertheless, for a changeful moment, by using just a desire, attach your mental outriggings for a ride upon the capricious and subauditious brain wave magnetisms of your mental spiritual pole.

It has been said: “What you don’t know won’t hurt you”, but this saying is mostly not true. There are secrets about health, business, or actions sometimes kept confidential by a mate. Even if none of these confidences are known as fact by the other mate this knowledge is often transferred to the mind system from one mate to another. Subsequently, this information goes to the uninformed subconscious where during particular conditions it can be sensed or dreamed by the other mate. In the world of quantum there can be a local or universal “teleportation” of thoughts that due to a belongingness or an idiosyncrasy of “entanglement” instantly enjoins the subconsciousness of thoughts of one or of a group to the other.

Often such instantaneous actions are only noticed as a ping of thought or twitch of neurons in the mind or a kind of mixed sounding of feelings deep within the solar plexus. So then, the action lies dormant in the noise department until that action which is unknown (a noise not translated) is translated into consciousness.

In such a manner many persons “entertain angels unawares” due to never breaking through the code barrier for releasing their subconscious experiences. There is much truth that needs to be known, and it is said in the Bible that the Holy Spirit desires for all mortals to be guided to pure truth (1 Peter 1:22 KJV).

There are hindrances and block ways called information partials. These are called partials because in any given field they only represent a part of the information to finish or solve or complete a manifest of the knowledge and wisdom needed to reveal the full picture of complete truth (facts, data, whole sum, whole revelation, etc.).

All persons and all cultures, groups, nations, have specific idiosyncrasies that characterize traits, styles, tastes, preferences, traditions, and actions. Some of these idiosyncrasies are, of course, genetically driven. The very nature of idiosyncrasy is exclusive and not universal. The spiritual pole is universal and, by a collective of its levels of insight, sums a total that fulfills and completes all partials.

The danger thought zone is when a knowing in part and a seeing in part is by confidence in one’s idiosyncrasy conceived and believed to be a whole sum when in fact it is a idiosyncrasy of only parts of the sum.

The fullness of Truth is coming up the road. Before its footprints are patches of green and patches of barren here and there; behind its footprints are living rivers and cities of Eden.

The Manifester

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