For I have chosen to open the doors, and the gates, and the pathways unto those places that only those that are hungry to know holiness can come. For if you will desire to be holy, if you will desire to love the Lord, your God, I will desire to draw you unto Me. And as I draw you unto Me, says the Lord Your God, the I-Am, I will expand your memory and I will restore your memory as I have promised in My Word through the Holy Spirit. And I will cause your eyes to be opened, and you will have an in and out focus and your vision will share both that vision which is physical and that vision which is spiritual.

And I will cause times of refreshing to come to you that will cause you to abound, as plants in dry and thirsty lands that receive rain abound. And in the spring freshness of My glory that I will give you, you will grow in stature and in power. And you will become Samsons whose eyes will never be put out, whose hair will never be cut. And I will raise you up from the lowest parts of the earth to the highest peaks of the mountains.

And I will cause My shinings to be understood and to be Manifested. And you will begin to read My signs and My wonders, and you will need no translator. For I will put in you an instinctual unction that shall give you a ready ability to understand what you see, and you will be possessed with utter shinings and the magnitude of My glories will rest upon you.

And I will cause compassion to grow in you like trees planted by the waters. And your hands will go out like great limbs arching as vaults to touch the multitudes and to liberate them from the prisons of their carnalities. And you will fall in love with tears, and you will fall in love with travailing. And you will yearn for it as a bread and as a wine. And at the meeting places that I will call you together, I will prepare garden foods that shall make your nerves as steel, your will as iron, your courage as strong as thunder, and your vision as lightning.

And in that day, says the Lord, your God, you shall leap over the walls of those strong partitions that have bound people in belief-rituals, in cultures, in superstitions and darknesses, and in race issues. And they will call you “Manifesters.” And people will want to follow you and encapture you with walls and make you their leader. But you will know that I have spoken this night as I will speak in the future, and I will say, “Let there be no walls that hold you or bind you. From sea to sea, from one side of the heavens unto the other side, you are liberated to go where I will send you to go.” First to this people, then to another people, but that day shall come.

You shall not need to be contacted, for you will know by the Spirit when the gathering shall be, and you will come back together in the wheels. And when you sing the stars will wink, the heavens will glow, the angel messengers will come and your eyes will not be holden.

If this is too awesome for you, it is because you have not yet come into the wonderfulness that I have given you. If this seems too far in the future and too great for you to perceive, it is because you have not been manifested into the glory that you had in other existences before the foundations of this world. I have spoken.

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