Suppose, that you are not of this planet… suppose, that as a result of a great space war (Rev 12:7) your ancestors were cast down to this planet called Earth to be imprisoned here. (Rev 12:1-4)

Suppose, that now, since you live in “the land of forgetfulness” you have lost your memory and remember nothing about your true ancestral origin. (Ps 88:12)

Yet suppose, in a kind of deja vu you on occasion feel a deep drawing for a somewhere toward the stars…(Mal 3:16)

Suppose, you are stranded here and that is why Earthlians are seeking the ways and the means for traveling beyond Earth into unknown space. (Isa 51:16)

Suppose, that you existed prior to the genesis of this Earth…….. (Rom 8:29-30) as part of a host of entities called Ophannims. (Ezek 10:13 wheels=Hebrew for Ophannim)

Suppose, you are stranded here.


The Manifester


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