If all the artists, songsters, poem makers, writers, dream makers, mathematicians and scientists were ever to meet at the same place at the same time and I was chosen to address them, I would tell them of a coming age of golden years most wondrous and precious nearly beyond belief (compare Hosea 2:21-23)! I would tell them of a coming universal equinox of time when Light will have an equal time to the Darkness of the past (compare Isaiah 30:26, Psalms 139:12, and Isaiah 42:16).

One day there will be a spiritual epitome — a holy embodiment of Godness visually present in knowledge and wisdom from one range of perception to another (compare St. John 16:12-13). Readers, come with me to an exploratory of figuration thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand leagues upward in your thoughts of minds….. (compare Revelations 5:11).

Gravity, I will use you as long as I need to be based on Earth; I will loosen you when I need to be free to fly to the stars. Morning Stars, messengers of the star-ways, offspring of Enoch — Arcturians, children of the Father’s House — God has always sent you when we needed you (compare Judges 5:20, Job 38:7, Revelation 2:28, and John 14:1-4).

Love, grow in me until as roots you possess all the ground I stand upon. I was an atom, and I waved away an electron and become an ion. I was a rock, and I kissed a flame and flew away as a beautiful bird of laser. “Give me this day my daily bread”, and I will sit down with God and have communion.

Lean on me, and I will be a tree planted by the river of God. Loan me your ears, and I will sing songs the world will want to hear. Kiss me with a holy kiss, and I will take your kiss to God’s angels and they will frame it in joy forevermore! Give me the wand of healing, O God, and I will march against the hordes of disease. Fill my basket with food, water, and a multiplier, and I will work, feeding the poor until I transition.

So cometh a day when laws of common logic and even deep hypotheses go to a critical minus. Ideas on fluctuating red shift functions perish along with uncertainly principle concepts. In the age of Ion gods with physical bodies called guardians and Messengers (angels) will teach Earth mortals insights of how the impossible is bridged (Matthew 18:10) and how particles of matter and anti-matter are farmed. Ancient-young ones will show how molecular bonds are mastered and how longevity of physical life is restored. Smart brain chemistry will be taught and how complexities of forms and structures can be performed in a whiz.

There are many buzzwords yet to be written on this subject. Shib-bo-leth (compare Judges 12:6)! I will speak to you again in passwords to eternity…..

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