The ripples of fore-warning of coming devastation of rip, shred, blow away and wash away, that are manifesting in constant intervals throughout time, bespeak of events that will have no mercy on anyone who gets in way of their path-ward surge. I don’t believe in a storm god, but storms can act like demon forces.

David wrote: Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. Although it is a super merit to not being afraid, it is not a guarantee of protection from death or destruction. But then David further said, bespeaking of God: His rod and staff shall comfort me. This statement was the real guarantee of his safety. I have known persons who were absolutely not afraid of their actions of dare, but who as a result of their actions died regardless that they were not afraid.

So then, fearlessness alone does not overcome reality. Caution is a good preservative along with pre-maintenance to perform protecting yourself when given warnings by God and warning of the signs of nature.

Many years ago I saw the change of global warming and its affects coming. I have warned that the day would come that all persons living on the world’s shores would need to move 50 miles inland in order to be safe from hurricanes and tsunamis. I have had persons I have known for years refuse to believe these predictions even though they were aware of dozens of prophecies I have made.. that have been super accurate and with no predictions that have ever failed. If you are interested in such kind of information I invite you to view

When a person is following the insights as revealed by God, and those insights are not self created there is given to a person a knowing of confidence and comfort. When God is the artist in your life and you receive the map of the where, how, and why, it is pure leisure and relief. It is also a awesome thing to be able to show other persons the escape route.

It is not God’s will for his people to constantly live on the edge. And that state is not too difficult to come by in this world today. The Prince of peace bids you to have peace. Sometimes a true prophet will not appear for a thousand or more years, but when such a prophet does appear be sure to follow the instruction of the Word which says: Honor a prophet in the name of a prophet. Such actions will open THE ART OF LEISURE FOR PEACE FROM THE STORMS OF LIFE.

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