A doctor of compassion and love for humanity, being expert in the arts of healing, desired to take his gifts higher. With earnest heart, and great consternation of search, he probed in experiment to find the path to the Tree of Life and to find the path to the restoration of lost love.

Married couples came to him with their problems of lost or dented relationships. The doctor yearned to help them. One day in deep meditation he received an awesome revelation called “Gentou” which means “regenerative touch”. This healing touch could be performed in two ways: either by using a physical healing touch, or by using a spirit-to-spirit healing touch.

Also, as an additional part of this revelation, there came a wondrous insight by “subaudition-nosis” which was the ability to erase bad and hurtful memory images, to restore good memories, and to prepare the mind to create memories that would bring restoration.

In an effort to help a couple whose relationship was on the wane, it came to be that the doctor prepared the mind of this certain married woman to see her husband bringing her flowers and to thereby fall deeply in love with him again. This memory input would additionally cause her to remember and desire having renewed personal relations with her husband (the which by effect on him, would renew his intimate drive).

However, one day soon afterwards, the same certain lady came to the doctor and thanked him for the flowers. But the doctor authoritatively said: I didn’t give you any flowers! It was your husband who gave you the flowers.

NO! It was you, and I love you! she exclaimed.

The doctor stunned, looked away for a few moments in his thoughts and stewed in frustration. He realized his innocent and best intentions had BACKFIRED. He wondered what witch mania would take this “incorrect response” of his patient and turn it first into a rumour, then into a delusion, and finally into false accusations?

The doctor began explaining to the certain lady that she had experienced an “incorrect response” to the subaudition-nosis, but she would not believe him. As the doctor pondered what possibly could have gone wrong, it suddenly occurred to him, that she had transferred the effects of the subaudition-nosis (by her thoughts and passions within her own mind) from going to her husband to going to him (her doctor) instead.

The doctor, as a consequences of this development, advised that certain lady, he was turning over her healing sessions to group Gentou. The doctor was well versed in the kind of spiritual problems some persons develop into an identity crisis. He was also well familiar with the psychological effect of rejection that can breed a turning from love to hate, and breed a turning from favor to disfavor or even vengeance. He thought his patient might be susceptible to both of these perplexes. The doctor swallowed hard and then began to pray.

After the prayer, he began to remember reading how Jesus prayed for a blind man by spitting on his eyes and laying his hands in prayer on him. When Jesus asked the blind man if he could see anything, the blind man said: I see men as trees walking. Jesus then put his hands again upon the blind man’s eyes and the man was restored and could see clearly (St. Mark 8:22-25 KJV).

The doctor praised God for this example! He could see that sometimes a genuine effort, even by such a person as Christ, could still result in a BACKFIRE of intent, (therefore resulting in a distortion) until another attempt for healing could be made.

The Manifester

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