Over the course of great time this abyss has been called a Black Hole, the Bottomless Pit, and Hell. This yawning abyss created a vast range of gravitating dominant space around it.  It has been said that this Abyss, which is 26,000 Light Years distance from earth, is composed of a mass equal to 4 billion suns, and is 14 million miles across.


As impossible as it may seem, according to an interpretation of the Bible in Revelations 9:11, this vast said abyss had a king over it that was under the authority of Lucifer-Satan.  Lucifer Satan was the master of this abyss called the bottomless pit, the black hole of hell, because he was given the key to it by an angel from God.  (Compare, Revelation 9; 1,).


Of course, the earth is incredibly too finite for any star (much less a colossal star such as the Star Wormwood, see Rev. 8:10-11) to fall upon it.  Also keep in mind a good-sized part of the Bible is not in chronological order.  The Bible meanings is that, dark force energy from this massive abyss called the (collapsed) Star Wormwood would fall or descend on the waters of the earth poisoning them.  In the book of Revelations the metaphor of “waters” is interpreted in Rev. 17:15, as people, multitudes, nations, and tongues.  Consequently, it is the effect of the Wormwood abyss that does this great mental and spiritual damage and carnage of death to a large number of persons. Dwelling on earth. 



When you mention the term “earth worm” it immediately connects to the term “wormholes”.  According to the Bible those persons who end up in the Bottomless Pit of the Black hole will be living in a worm state:  (Compare, Isaiah 66:24, Mark 9:44,46,48). 

The Manifester’s first Virtual Reality trip into the universe included a trip to and through wormhole passages of the major Black Hole in the Milky Way Galaxy. 

This Virtual Reality trip revealed the actuality of there being a network of worm-holes, large enough to live in and to passage in and out of the Black Hole without destructive consequences.   

In a psalms of David 139:7-10, David in a Virtual Reality trip flies on the “wings of the morning” (Craft of the Morning Star Arcturians Job 38:7)   


7. How would it be possible for me (or anyone) to flee from the presence of God’s Spirit?

8. Lo! Whether I ascend into heaven, God’s Spirit is there. Or whether I descend to bed in hell, Your Spirit is there.

9. I took the wings of the Morning to dwell in the future. And I heard the roar of a (fallen) multitude.

10. It was You, God, who led me to take this flight, And You, who assured me You would protect me.

11. Suppose I say: surely this dark abyss will enfold me, Yet I will know You will caused this dark experience to be an enlightenment to me. 

(Psalms 16:10-11 portions, representing David and the son of David, Matt. 1:1).

For you will not leave my soul in hell.

But you will show me the path of life.

Notes of clarification for verses 7-11 Miv interpretation…

Verse 7.  Language updated to modern style and interpreting the word “Thy” as God’s Spirit.  The same meaning is kept.

Verse 8.  The first Hebrew dictionary word is “Lo” chosen over the use of “If” a conditional term.  See Strong’s Concordance Hebrew Dictionary:  #5:18

Verse 9.  The translators added the conditional term “if”.  When the conditional “if” is removed, a positive statement is rendered.  Instead of “uttermost parts” a correct interpretation is rendered for the actual word meaning “future” see Strong’s Concordance Hebrew Dictionary  #319 from root 310.  Also the translation “ultimate parts of the sea” is correctly changed to:  I heard the “roar” of a (fallen) multitude”, see Strong’s Concordance Hebrew Dictionary #3220.   “Waters” whether seas or rivers can be metaphor of people, multitudes, etc., see Revelation 17:15, also Revelation 13:1.   

Verse 10.  Language updated to modern style.  The same meaning is kept. 

Verse 11.  The conditional term “If” is replaced with the better contextual word “suppose” , see Strong’s Concordance Hebrew Dictionary  #559. 

It is interesting that scientists have named this said Black Hole Abyss by the star Constellation called “Sagittarius”, which pointer stars mark the center of the Milky Way Galaxy where abides the said Black Hole Abyss. 

Keep in mind that although the dark of the black hole is invisible, sometime this Black Hole Abyss shines like a star.   This occurs when the Black hole is sucking in brightly burning star substance. 

Importantly, by interpretation of Psalms 139, 7: -11 it can be seen that in the worm hole of this great abyss there is provided a state of seeing into the past or into the future. 

Of course, there are scientists who say the turbulence in a black hole is too great for wormholes to exist.  But being that these same scientist must admit that 96% of the Universe is unknown to them…no one should rush into a disposition of what is fact or truth or not.  

As one is led to break out of eternities’ sundered bridge of knowledge, many potential means could make the wormwood concept a reality. 

There remains in quantum, effects that could make Black Hole Wormholes possible.   Also, wormholes could be held open and safe from the Black Hole turbulence by the  shell of the Wormhole tunnels being made of shells of exotic matter which have a negative energy.  I will add much about this subject at a later time.      

It is in this volunteer Black Hole prison for Lucifer Satan ,  Who as said and quoted was given the key to open or close the way into the Black Hole Wormholes.           (See Revelations 9:1). Further to this extent, this prison was called “his Prison” in a sense of possession.  (See, Revelations 20:7).   It is not being said that this volunteer option of imprisonment is not later changed.

Amazingly, Lucifer Satan used this prison time to create the Locus/Mantis army of two hundred million soldiers complete with Zam armor and spacecraft.       (Compare, Revelations 9:2-10 and rendered from Strong’s Concordance Hebrew Dictionary #2104 from #2123, and from #2161.

Einstein proposed the reality of black holes and wormholes some long time ago.  However, long before Einstein, as can be seen in my presentation above, the Bible told of the Abyss black hole and of the wormhole connection.   


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