According to the Scriptures: Not one sparrow shall fall to the ground and God not care. Not one hair of your head shall perish. (Compare Matthew 10:30 and Luke 21:18 KJV.) Even in the Book of Life, numbers seem to have a part. Psalms 147:4 KJV says: He telleth the number of the stars….. And then there was Matthias, the new Apostle that replaced Judas, who became numbered with the Apostles (Act 1:26 KJV). Daniel writes that in the first year of the reign of Darius, it was revealed to him by books the number of the years of captivity as revealed to Jeremiah the prophet (Daniel 9:1-2 KJV).

In some of the new theories regarding the cosmos, some scientist are postulating that the universe runs without a clock of time inasmuch that time is an endless cycle. Another new science viewpoint is the theory of dualities. This idea incorporates a symmetry of dualness in the field of chromodynamics. All such ideas involve numbers, abstract or real.

This brings me to audio dimensions using para-alignments. If one chooses orthogonal dimensions, a connection can be made to cue in visual subscript as a para-alignment to audio sequences. This could add colors to audio dimension. All the figuring on this is often by mathematical rendering.

What does all this mean? It means that everything has an axis by which it can be configured for a similitude of conjectures,,,,, which further means that God’s soundline which traverses through all things is a feel system that keeps God informed of his whole creation. It passes through even a single hair or a fallen sparrow. It allows amusement to God to observe the educated guessers who ponder Ams wondrous works. It allows inventors to probe for new inventions in the unlimited lattice grounds of potentials. No one ever needs to get bored. There’s plenty of entertainment for anyone who wants it.

God has written the book of numbers, and I the Manifester will share from that book to you just as Jeremiah shared to his people.

There is a super, wonderful story about the number of the stars; I will share it with you soon!

The Manifester

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