He pushed and strained to get his body out of his transition cocoon home. He would not look “down”; he did not want to remember “down”: its muddle, its limits, and its worm world. He could only for now think of “up”….. “up” and away!

Finally, he was out of the cocoon, and how transfigured he felt! How new and free! How longing for “up”! He had crawled to the up where he laboured making his cocoon, but he instinctively knew this time he would fly to a greater “up”. An unfurling and unfolding was happening. His body, trembling with anticipation, felt his wings elate, his spirit elixirate in a quintessence of his transfigurements.

Suddenly, as if touched by a divine breath from heaven, a gracious soft wind lifted his spread wings and body upwards and away. His monarchy had begun; his butterfly roam beguine was turned on to the rhythm of life. A wise and ancient Yada might say: the monarch’s color of black symbols outer space and his color of orange symbols stars such as Arcturus.

In his uplifting to the grand and glorious heights, another transformation was taking place….. monarch was falling in love; and somewhere out there in his butterfly roam, he knew love would come a-humming.

The Manifester

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