Our Father which art in heaven, I know the Father’s House which is a planet, physically has atmospheres which collectively are called a “firmament”. (Compare, St. John 14:1-4 KJV). This compares to the earth planet example which also has a firmament called “heaven” in the Bible. (Compare, Genesis 1:8 KJV).

I also know the Father’s House provides a heavenly state for the spirituality of one’s spirit and mind. Blessed is the Father’s House, which is also called Arctura because it aligns to the Bright star Arcturus which is in the asterism called: The Big Dipper.

The Star Arcturus is anciently known as a sign of “the coming one” being a symbol of the coming one who is the Son of God. The New Jerusalem will be made and transported to earth from The Father’s House, (Revelation 21:2 KJV).

One day the Temple in heaven, which is to say the temple at the Father’s House, will be opened. In a kind of sacred museum part of the temple will be seen “The Ark of the Covenant” and the mystery of the lightening and thunder will at last speak. “Compare, Revelation 11:19 KJV).

I long sometimes for this far away home to where I belong. and to where I will one day go. (Compare, ST. John 14:2-4 KJV).

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